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Cisco Teams with AT&T to Provide Advanced Networks and Communications for State Department's International Summit of Eight

Denver Summit of Eight Leverages Advanced Network for Conference
Jun 20, 1997

Denver, Colo. -- June 20, 1997 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. has joined forces with AT&T Corporation to providestate-of-the-art network and telecommunications services to the Department of State in supportof the Denver Summit of Eight conference. The conference, held June 16-21, 1997, hosts sevenindustrialized nations (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom and theUnited States) to address the major economic and political issues facing the internationalcommunity.

Cisco is providing its world-class switching solutions and access routing platform thatseamlessly connect to AT&T's network. AT&T selected Cisco to contribute to the network becauseof Cisco's leadership position in local-area-network LAN switching and remote access.

The network will enable conference participants to access the Internet, e-mail and otherapplications. Other activities, such as badging and conference access, are also made possibleby this state-of-the-art network.

Cisco's solution for the summit combines the Catalyst 5000 LAN switch and Cisco's 2514 router. The Catalyst 5000 offers high-performance and high-density port and segment switching andvirtual local-area networking with embedded Cisco IOS(TM) software functionality. The Cisco2514 router provides multi-protocol routing capability between wide-area networks (WANs) andLANs as well as easy inventory, installation, operation and maintenance.

"Cisco Systems is pleased to provide solutions to support this important global initiative,"said Jim Massa, director of Cisco's federal operations.

The network for the Department of State and the Denver Summit of Eight exemplifies Cisco'sstrong partnership with AT&T.

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