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Cisco Announces Integrated High-Density Dial Access System

New System Delivers High-Density, Multiprocess Architecture and Centralized Network Management
Jun 03, 1997

NEW ORLEANS, LA.-June 3, 1997- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced Cisco AccessPath(TM)-TS, itsfirst carrier-class dial access system intended for service provider and large enterpriseapplications. AccessPath is an advanced dial access architecture that combines distributedprocess, stack-based hardware with sophisticated centralized network management software forsimple and rapid worldwide deployment of differentiated dial services.

The Cisco AccessPath system is ideally suited for service provider Point of Presence (POP) andlarge enterprise customer environments, where total cost, solution integration and networkmanagement are critical decision criteria. The AccessPath flexible dial architecture is costeffective, highly scalable and wholly manageable. This powerful combination enables serviceproviders to deploy multiple POPs quickly and cost effectively, dramatically reducing trainingtime and ongoing operation costs. This capability translates to a competitive advantage inresponding to rapid changes in technology and increasing end-user connectivity requirements.

"The Internet has caught on faster than phone, radio, TV and VCRs combined. That's impressive,but at the moment only 11 percent of U.S. households have access to the Internet or onlineservices--leaving 89 percent of the market untapped," said Nick Lippis, president and founderof Strategic Networks Consulting. "In order to tap this huge opportunity, ISPs must specializetheir services and transition toward stack-based remote access devices in order to scale anddeliver differentiated services. Cisco's AccessPath solution enables service providers to scaleand centrally manage the connectivity requirements of this flood of new users coming on line."

Advanced Dial Architecture

AccessPath-TS is the first integrated dial access system in a new family of modular stack-basedAccessPath solutions that will provide service providers a smooth transition path fromsingle-chassis solutions to distributed process multichassis architectures. AccessPath scalesdynamically, enabling a host of value-add Cisco IOS(TM) network services including VirtualPrivate Dial-up Networks (VPDNs). AccessPath is the industry's first fully configured dialaccess system that merges universal dial access, industry-leading routing and high-speed databackhaul capabilities into a single scalable architecture. The AccessPath-TS system can beconfigured to connect more than 700 ports simultaneously. The AccessPath modular stackarchitecture delivers investment protection and flexibility, because new stack elements can beadded to incorporate new aggregation shelves that will support diverse performance, capacityand modulation technologies. Hence, higher-density dial access servers and concentrationshelves can be easily integrated in the future.

The AccessPath-TS system incorporates a high-speed Cisco 7206 router that acts as a callprocess offload server, enabling Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) call terminationand backhaul routing of data throughout the network. A fail-safe configuration processordelivers redundant management features and aids in the initial management startup. The systemalso incorporates a high-speed interconnect system with a switching capacity of up to 3.6 Gbps.All of the system components are integrated in a self-contained rack cabinet complete withcabling, a rack component patch panel and a comprehensive network management system.

Comprehensive Network Management

Cisco AccessPath-TS is centrally managed with AccessPath Manager. AccessPath Manager is a newWeb-based system management software application designed to enable a host of Cisco IOS networkservices across the AccessPath architecture. A master control software console is the launchpoint for each of the following AccessPath Manager modules: the master control center, forglobal stack status; the configuration module, for the initial stack creation; the statusmonitor module, for tracking inbound and outbound call traffic; and the traffic history module,which details call profiles of stack traffic over specified time intervals. With these centralmanagement capabilities, the AccessPath system lowers the total cost of ownership andsimplifies training programs for service provider and enterprise customers while leveragingpowerful service-enabling features of the Cisco IOS software.

"As our subscriber base grows, we are quickly learning that end-user data throughputrequirements are rapidly increasing as new technologies such as 56K and xDSL begin reachingmainstream markets. Cisco's AccessPath system, with its distributed processing capabilities,scales dynamically to meet the data throughput requirements of these emerging WANtechnologies," said Tush Nikkollaj, president and chief executive officer of Albany, NY basedISP Logical Net. "Cisco has taken the toil out of working with multiple hardware and softwarevendors by delivering a seamless, scalable dial architecture that is centrally manageable witha comprehensive network management application, AccessPath Manager."

Modem Management

In addition to the AccessPath Manager, the AccessPath-TS system incorporates the samesophisticated modem management capabilities as the Cisco AS5200 universal access server.

"The AccessPath system combines Cisco's core technology strengths in routing, dial access andCisco IOS network services into a powerful, cost-effective, centrally managed architecture,"said Roland Acra, senior director of Dial Marketing at Cisco Systems. "Service provider andenterprise customers can now focus on delivering differentiated services to end users, withscalable Cisco hardware and integrated software network services running seamlessly throughouttheir infrastructures."

Service and Support

Cisco offers AccessPath customers an innovative portfolio of service and support programs.Programs include installation and implementation services for fast POP startup, maintenanceservices to ensure maximum system uptime and reliability, and access to the latest Cisco IOSsoftware enhancements through the Cisco Connection Online Web site to extend product life andspeed investment return. In addition, the Network-Supported Account Program offers customers apeer-to-peer support relationship with Cisco senior engineers to provide proactive technicalconsulting from network design through optimization.

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