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!NTERPRISE Networking Services from U S WEST Teams with Cisco to Offer World-Class ATM Solutions

Cisco Certifies !NTERPRISE to Resell and Support Wide-Area
Jun 30, 1997

Cisco Certifies !NTERPRISE to Resell and Support Wide-Area ATM Switches

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- June 30, 1997 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. and !NTERPRISE. NetworkingServices from U S WEST. today announced a multimillion-dollar reseller agreement for Cisco's wide-area networking (WAN) solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, !NTERPRISE NetworkingServices is certified to sell and support Cisco's Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switches toits customers throughout the United States.

A Cisco Gold Partner since 1992, !NTERPRISE Networking Services has now added WAN switches tothe portfolio of world-class networking equipment it currently resells, which also includesCisco routers, universal access servers and workgroup switches. "Adding Cisco's WAN switchesto our portfolio gives us a strategic advantage in terms of delivering world-class productsolutions, operational service and support to our customers, thereby enhancing our offering ofrobust networking solutions," said Mike Rouleau, Executive Director, !NTERPRISE NetworkingServices from U S WEST.

Reliability, Price Leadership and Unmatched Scalability Are Key

The Cisco family of carrier-class, wide-area ATM switches includes the Cisco StrataComRBPXR/AXISR and the Cisco StrataCom IGXTM. "After extensive evaluation, we selected theBPX/AXIS and IGX switches as our wide-area ATM offering," said Rouleau. "We particularly likedthe switches' high reliability, scalability and price/performance leadership." Themultiservice BPX/AXIS ATM switch has 20-Gbps capacity of high-throughput, low-latency switchingand support for multiple classes of service enabling delivery of the highest levels of networkscalability, flexibility and efficiency. The 1.2-Gbps IGX multiservice ATM switch providesinterfaces to support today's legacy and emerging broadband applications. Users get theadvantages of ATM technology over subrate, narrowband and broadband trunks. Both the BPX/AXISand IGX switches enable organizations to migrate to a new generation of ATM networks whilecomplementing existing investments in routers and Frame Relay switches.

Cisco's Channel Certification Program is offered to Value-Added Resellers (VARs), systemsintegrators and other organizations that resell Cisco products. Partners can obtain a one-yearcertification following a rigorous training and certification curriculum. Certified Partnerscan participate in Cisco marketing programs and have access to Cisco consultants and supportteams to increase their customer support capabilities. Cisco Gold Partners are experts invirtually every aspect of Cisco's business, including sales, support, network design andmanagement, and global networking.

About !NTERPRISE Networking Services

!NTERPRISE Networking Services from U S WEST was created in 1992 to address the burgeoningadvanced data networking needs of its customers. The !NTERPRISE family of high-speed datacommunications services includes Frame Relay Service (both Metropolitan Area Networks andInterLATA out-of-region); Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Service; Transparent LAN Service(TLSTM); Private Line LAN Interconnect; the newly announced DSL portfolio; Managed DataServices (MDS); Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN); and !NTERACT, the Internet-basedportfolio of networking services designed to facilitate business Intranets via services suchas: Internet access, Web hosting, collaborative computing and electronic commerce. For moreinformation on !NTERPRISE, please visit our web site at

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