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Cisco Systems Purchases Minority Stake in TIBCO Software

Cooperative Development Focused on Efficient Content Delivery
May 21, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 21, 1997 -Cisco Systems, Inc. and Reuters today announced Cisco haspurchased a minority equity stake in TIBCO Software, Inc., a Palo Alto-based Reuters subsidiarythat develops software for corporate networks and the Internet. As part of the investment,Edward R. Kozel, Chief Technical Officer of Cisco, will become a member of TIBCO Software'sboard.

During the next year, Cisco and TIBCO Software will further their ongoing joint developmentof an open standard for delivering subscriber-sensitive network capabilities. These innovativenetwork services are being developed to help users conserve network bandwidth locally and overthe Internet.

Tibco's "publish/subscribe" software makes it easier to find or receivesubscriber-sensitive networked information and streamlines bandwidth-intensive applicationslike online publications, new media broadcast outlets and videoconferencing. Publish/subscribesoftware allows a single message to make its way through the "plumbing" of the network tothousands of users or subscribers, rather than sending the same message thousands of times tothousands of users.

As the leading supplier of networking for the Internet, Cisco is working jointly with TIBCOSoftware to develop the new bandwidth conserving capability within Cisco IOS(TM) software. Thetwo companies will also continue their previously defined work including advancements on thepatented publish/subscribe networking. Cisco was an initial publish/subscribe proponent whenmore than a dozen industry leaders stepped up to endorse the new standard in December 1996.

TIBCO President and CEO Vivek Ranadive said: "Cisco is the undisputed leader in thedeployment of computer networking hardware and software for accessing the Internet orsupporting corporate Intranets. Cisco's investment commitment in TIBCO Software representssignificant support to the goal of making the publish/subscribe technology a de factomiddleware standard for the Internet, intranets and extranets." Kozel said: "Because networksoften allow users to send one message to communicate with many people, it makes sense to onlysend as much or as little of any piece of content as possible. For example, you can get thewhole newspaper or only the parts you want. Our investment in TIBCO Software will allow Ciscoto offer these unique subscriber-sensitive network services that can be combined with securityfacilities for authentication and encryption."

"We believe that information dissemination on a large scale will constitute one of the top twoor three applications of the next decade. This relationship focuses on the construction ofWide Area and Local Area information infrastructure for the purpose of highly efficient nextgeneration information services. We expect subscriber-sensitive network services to enablesignificant new markets for Cisco IOS products and Tibco middleware."


TIBCO Software sells distributed systems to the commercial marketplace includingmanufacturing and telecommunications businesses. TIBCO Software, Inc. markets the widelyaccepted TIBCO publish/subscribe middleware products. TIBCO Software was formed on January 1,1997 from TIBCO Inc. (previously named Teknekron Systems Inc.), a leading software company thatfirst became prominent in supplying information management systems in financial trading rooms.TIBCO was acquired by Reuters in 1994 and has pioneered use of publish-subscribe technologiesin finance and other industries. Reuters Holdings PLC (NASDAQ: RTRSY) is the world's largestnews and financial information services group. Information about Reuters is available at More information about TIBCO Softwareis available at

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