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Cisco Systems Announces Immediate Global Availability of Network Security and Encryption

No Export License Required
May 19, 1997

SAN JOSE, California - May 19, 1997 - Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader innetworking for the Internet, announced today the immediate worldwide availability of itsadvanced 56-bit networked security and encryption software. This software, which previouslycould not be sold to most customers outside the United States, is now available within Ciscoproducts today without an export license.

Network security and encryption allow users to send sensitive and confidential information suchas currency transmissions, personnel records and research reports without fear of unauthorizedaccess. Cisco worked with the United States Dept. of Commerce to receive export approval forthe software and will now be the first network vendor to offer integrated 56-bit securityproducts worldwide. Existing Cisco products, including the 56-bit DES PIX PrivateLink firewalland Cisco IOS(TM) 56-bit software, are now available for sale without modification to countriesqualified as U.S. commercial trading partners.

"We are pleased that companies like Cisco are partnering with the government to find a workablesolution to resolve tough encryption policy and technology challenges," said William Reinsch,Commerce Undersecretary for Export Administration . "We applaud Cisco's commitment to customerneeds, government concerns for recoverable encryption, and industry interoperability."

"We are proud to offer users full strength encryption capabilities throughout their networks,unrestricted by US territorial boundaries," said Ed Kozel, chief technical officer at CiscoSystems. "This cooperative effort helps both international and multi-national customers whoare betting their businesses on secure and reliable networking."

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