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Cisco Introduces Industry's First Multiservice Access Concentrator

Routing, WAN Switching and Voice Technologies Combined for Low-Cost Branch Networking
May 05, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 5, 1997 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced theCisco 3800 multiservice access concentrator, which integrates switched voice,multiprotocol data and routing over Frame Relay and Asynchronous Transfer Mode(ATM). Designed for regional and branch office applications, the Cisco 3800access concentrator is the industry's first multiservice Frame Relay and ATMintegrated access solution in a single platform.

Key Features: Flexibility, Scalability and ATM Backbone Integration

The Cisco 3800 is unique because it operates in both public or private networkenvironments and can run either Frame Relay or ATM. Carriers can deploy theCisco 3800 to offer users low-cost, multiservice Frame Relay access today, easilymigrating their customers to T1/E1 ATM services as business applications demandby performing a simple software change. Capabilities offered on the multiserviceaccess concentrator, including analog and digital voice and legacy data, allowcarriers to deliver differentiated ATM services not typically found in today'sATM Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

In addition to providing Frame Relay and ATM integrated access, the Cisco 3800 isthe first multiservice access concentrator to be tightly integrated with backboneATM switches. With this new product offering, Cisco customers can now combineswitched voice, multiprotocol data and routed traffic over Frame Relay, leasedline or T1/E1 ATM access lines for delivery over public Frame Relay or ATMservices or on Cisco's StrataCom(R) IGX(TM) and StrataCom BPX(R) ATM backboneswitches.

Strengths in Routing Combined with Best-of-Breed Switching and Superlative VoiceTechnology

"The need for future-proof multiservice switching solutions for wide-area accessis clear," said Craig Johnson, director and principal analyst at CurrentAnalysis, an industry research firm based in Ashburn, Va. "To address thismarket, Cisco has successfully combined its strengths in routing with StrataCom'sstrengths in switching and high-quality voice to create a market-leadingmultiservice ATM and Frame Relay access concentrator."

Pacific Bell Chooses Cisco 3800 as CPE: Improved Performance, Flexibility andEfficiency

Pacific Bell has selected the Cisco 3800 as an integral part of its FasTrak ATMCell Relay service, a new high-speed, packet-switched transport service. Unifying voice, video and data traffic on one network, the service is targeted atmidsize businesses or branch offices. "By combining discrete service networksonto a single, multiservice network, our customers will enjoy improvedperformance by deploying Cisco 3800 access concentrators along with the FasTrakATM Cell Relay service at their branch and regional locations," said Rob Hyatt,marketing director, Pacific Bell. "This also means that new capabilities andapplications, including video or multimedia, can now be added more easily." Inaddition to Cisco 3800 multiservice access concentrators, Pacific Bell uses theCisco BPX as infrastructure for its T1 ATM offering.

Product Details

The Cisco 3800 access concentrator will be available in three models. The Cisco3810 is a one-slot, low-cost entry model architected for corporations looking toextend the data, voice, fax and LAN capabilities of their backbone networks tosmall, remote office environments. With three slots, the Cisco 3830 is intendedfor remote sites where future expansion is planned and can provide support forenhanced router and wireless transmission options. For central switching insmall and medium-sized networks, the Cisco 3880 has eight slots and redundantpower, making it ideal for mission-critical sites including financialinstitutions and government agencies. The Cisco 3800 access concentratorcomplements the recently announced circuit emulation capabilities for the CiscoLightStream(R) 1010 ATM switch and Cisco 7200 series routers, which offer voiceand video connectivity over high-speed OC-3/STM-1, DS3 and E3 ATM connections,providing Cisco customers with a broader range of choices in meeting theirvoice/data integration requirements.

Cisco IOS(TM) Software

Incorporating Cisco IOS software features, the Cisco 3800 provides serial and LANinterfaces available on existing Cisco routers. These features includeLAN-to-LAN routing, security, WAN optimization and Multichassis MultilinkPoint-to-Point Protocol (PPP), which ensures scalability and investmentprotection as user concentration requirements increase. In addition, the Cisco3800 will support advanced multimedia protocols, including Resource ReservationProtocol (RSVP), Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) and Weighted Fair Queuing(WFQ), ensuring that customers can immediately deploy advanced Internet andintranet applications as they become available.

High-Quality Voice

Switch-based routing, which is built into Cisco IOS software, enables voice anddata traffic to be switched at Layer 2, with routed data traffic receiving fullLayer 3 support. The result is improved latency and throughput. In addition,when the Cisco 3800 is connected to a Cisco IGX series ATM switch, the switch isable to determine the type of frames being delivered by the Cisco 3800, queuingreal-time traffic, including voice and video, from non real-time traffic. Theresult is high-quality voice, increased throughput and enhanced end-to-endnetwork performance.

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