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Cisco and Interlink Develop Software That Increases Mainframe Efficiency Across the Enterprise

Cisco IOS for S/390 Now Available for Reliable and Efficient Access to Mainframe Data and Applications Across Enterprise
May 12, 1997

Research Triangle Park, NC and Fremont, CA -- May 12, 1997 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. and InterlinkComputer Sciences, Inc. today announced the availability of Cisco IOS(TM) for S/390, softwarethat enables access to data and applications on mainframe computers via TCP/IP networks. Resulting from Cisco's relationship with Interlink, this software helps enterprises to increasemainframe efficiency. The product boosts employee productivity by providing reliable andefficient access to legacy information and applications via the web. Cisco IOS for S/390 is ahigh-performance, fault-tolerant, mainframe-based implementation of TCP/IP.

Growing Demand for Internet/Intranet Applications That Reside on the Mainframe

The growth of the Internet and private intranets for commercial use is driving the need formainframe computers to act as servers for legacy applications. According to a study conductedin July 1996 by The Forrester Group, Framingham, Mass., 96 percent of Fortune 1000 companiessurveyed were contemplating the implementation of intranets. Some typical businessapplications that require access to mainframe information may include networked commerce andglobal access to databases for networked customer support. The combination of Cisco IOS forS/390 and Cisco's Channel Interface Processor delivers the most efficient and highestperformance mainframe intranet access solution available today.

"Enterprises that rely heavily on mainframe applications to operate their business need CiscoIOS for S/390," said Charles Jepson, president and chief executive officer of Interlink. "Withthis software, those applications and their associated data can be accessed from enterpriseintranets without incurring the expense of rewriting or reworking the applications."

Cisco IOS for S/390 Benefits IS and Network Managers and End-Users

Data center managers and network managers can lower client costs using Cisco IOS for S/390because it allows end-users to access data center applications from the desktop. The softwareprovides fault tolerant access to the mainframe from multiple routers, ensuring mainframeavailability. Additionally, the software lowers CPU demands better than any other host-basedTCP/IP implementation, delaying the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

End users can boost their productivity by having access to the important data centerinformation they need via a TCP/IP network. By increasing reliability, lowering CPU demands onthe mainframe and running the fastest File Transfer Protocol (FTP) commercially available, theend-user can enjoy faster response time.

"Cisco IOS for S/390 leverages the core competencies of both Interlink and Cisco to benefit ourcustomers," said Selby Wellman, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco's InterworksBusiness Unit. "Together, we're delivering the most comprehensive, end-to-end solutions thatsolve critical business problems."

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