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NETCOM Expands Security Offerings With Cisco Systems PIX Firewall

Customer Benefits Include Pre-Tested, Pre-Configured, Easy-To-Install Networking Solution
Apr 16, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 16, 1997 -- NETCOM On-Line Communication Services,Inc. (NASDAQ: NETC) today announced the availability of Cisco Systems PIX Firewallas one of its network security offerings for small and mid-size businesses thatwant a high-quality, fully supported and secure Internet connectivity solution.

The addition of the PIX Firewall product to NETCOM's suite of security solutions supports thecompanies' new cross marketing agreement that allows NETCOM to bundleconnectivity services with Cisco products to create complete internetworkingsolutions that help customers improve network performance and enhance bothInternet and intranet access.

"Customers who choose NETCOM connectivity solutions backed with Cisco networkingproducts gain the confidence that comes from knowing they're getting reliable,certified, turnkey solutions that protect their internal network from externalintrusions of all types while improving network performance," said Mike Kallet,NETCOM's senior vice president of products and services.

"The PIX Firewall is a perfect complement to NETCOM's connectivity services,"said Frank Roys, director of product marketing for Cisco's Internet Appliancesand Applications Business Unit. "The combination leverages Cisco hardwaresolutions that improve network performance and NETCOM services that are builtaround speed and reliability. Taken together, they enable faster, more reliablethroughput, while providing a highly secure environment."

Cisco PIX Firewall The Cisco PIX Firewall is ideally suited for businesses thatrequire a high-performance, reliable security solution that is easy to installand maintain. One of the most attractive features of the hardware is that it isconfigured and maintained with an HTML-based graphical user interface. The PIXFirewall enables enterprise-wide scaleability, providing faster networkthroughput and minimizing network bottlenecks with its stateful, stand-alonearchitecture that allows for more than 16,000 simultaneous TCP/IP connectionsthrough the use of its embedded Adaptive Security Algorithm. The PIX Firewallalso supports Network Address Translation (NAT), making deployment and networkexpansion easier for users. Software upgrades are available at no additionalcharge for all customers of Cisco's SmartNet* technical support program.

Companies interested in purchasing an end-to-end internetworking solution fromNETCOM can begin their selection review process with a cost-effective needsanalysis conducted by NETCOM, which ensures they receive connectivity andsecurity applications tailored to their specific needs. Customers then have thefreedom of buying security components separately or as an option with either theNETCOM DirectConnect or NETCOM SiteConnect services. Companies that want aready-made complete solution can sign up for the NETCOM SecureConnect service,which includes the security consultation and strategy development as a standardfeature. All solutions components are tested, certified and can be easilyintegrated into existing legacy systems.


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