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LCC Standardizes on a Cisco Dial Access Solution

Texas Telco/ISP Selects Cisco AS5200 for Dial Access
Apr 08, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif.- April 8, 1997- Cisco Systems, Inc. announced today thatLufkin, TX based Lufkin-Conroe Communications Co. (LCC) has standardized its dialaccess network on the Cisco AS5200 universal access server.

LCC is incorporating a host of Cisco products into its delivery of telephone andInternet services to Lufkin and Conroe residents and subscribers.

LCC and Cisco are working together to advance LCC's dial access services throughdelivery of an end-to-end, scalable solution that integrates high-performancedial access platforms with Cisco IOS(TM) software features, enabling a host ofvalue-added network services. The flexibility and scalability of this solutioncombined with innovative service and support permit LCC to decrease operatingcosts and assure maximum service reliability to its customers.

"We made a strategic decision to purchase a Cisco dial access solution in orderto construct a highly reliable and manageable dial access network that supportsnew and evolving technology while maintaining highly reliable service for ourcustomers," said Michael Robinson, vice president of marketing at LCC. "Afterreviewing dial access products from other remote access vendors, we chose theCisco dial access solution based on the superior platform performance of theCisco AS5200 and the exceptional value-add of Cisco IOS software."

LCC delivers communication services throughout the east Texas area. In 1996, LCCbegan offering a host of Internet services designed to extend the power of theInternet to the homes and businesses of its customers. LCC has standardized onthe AS5200 universal access server and the Cisco 7000 series routers for itsgrowing dial access network. LCC has become an important reseller and systemintegrator of Cisco dial solutions targeted at businesses seeking connectivity tothe Internet and LCC's services.

"Cisco is committed to delivering the most robust, leading-edge dial accessnetwork available to customers like LCC," said Kevin Kennedy vice president andgeneral manager of the Access Business Unit at Cisco Systems, Inc. "LCC is a newclass of local service provider focused on delivering reliable local servicesthat benefit local businesses as well as residents."

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