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Netcom Teams with Cisco to Provide Premium Internet and Networking Solutions

Combined Expertise Will Enable Companies to More Effectively Package and
Deliver Proven Technologies and Services
Mar 27, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 27, 1997-- NETCOM On-Line CommunicationServices, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETC) plans to significantly leverage a newrelationship formed with Cisco Systems, Inc. that will allow NETCOM tobundle Cisco networking components, including Cisco IOS(TM) software,throughout its entire spectrum of solutions for small to mid-sizedbusiness users.

Through new cross-marketing efforts, Cisco will immediately have theability to bundle NETCOM Internet Services with selected Cisco products.NETCOM will gain marketing support from Cisco and new customers willbenefit by having an early review of new Cisco product offerings,customized access solutions, and upgrades.

"This new relationship allows both companies to offer more togetherthan we could separately. The focus will be on supporting anddelivering premium networking services and technology," said MikeKallet, NETCOM's senior vice president of technology, operations andsupport.

NETCOM and Cisco will team together to deliver premium Internettechnologies and network services. Customers will benefit by havingbest-of-class solutions provided by two networking leaders. NETCOM isone of the most experienced and largest direct Internet serviceproviders. Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking for theInternet.

"After working with NETCOM in a traditional vendor/resellerrelationship, Cisco recognized the value in strengthening ourrelationship to include joint marketing efforts to facilitate thedeployment of services enabled by Cisco IOS software," said Keith Fox,vice president of corporate marketing at Cisco.

Cisco IOS software is a platform the delivers network services suchas scalability, security, connectivity and multimedia to supportnetworked applications deployed by customers using the Internet fornetworked commerce.

"NETCOM is an important alliance for Cisco," said Kevin Kennedy,vice president and general manager of Cisco's Access Business Unit. "Bydeploying Cisco dial solutions, the NETCOM/Cisco relationship is trulyindicative of combining technical and business acumen to meet a growingmarket demand for the growing number of users dialing in."

The relationship leverages both companies' commitment to offercomprehensive business solutions and quality services that enhancecustomers' network capabilities. Customers that sign up for NETCOM'spremium access and internetworking packages will receive 24x7x52 networksupport, which includes full network monitoring of availability andreliability.


NETCOM On-Line Communication Services, Inc. provides high-quality,premium-priced, technology based solutions that enhance customers'effectiveness and efficiency. Leveraging years of Internet experience,NETCOM simplifies technology for customers by providing practicalsolutions ranging from supporting their company web presence toproviding tools that ease access to relevant information and improvecommunications. All services are backed by the Company's expansivehigh-speed network and year-round 24-hour expert support. Additionalinformation on the Company can be found at

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