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Intel Helps Businesses Make Internet Phone Calls Through Corporate Firewalls

Check Point Software, Cisco, and Trusted Information Systems to Deliver Standards-Compliant Firewall Products
Mar 06, 1997

SANTA CLARA, CALIF., March 6, 1997 -- Intel Corporation todayannounced that its work with three of the Internet industry's firewallvendors has resulted in new benefits for business PC users. Soonbusiness users will be able to send and receive audio and video phonecalls through company firewalls and over the Internet while maintainingdata security of corporate computing networks. As a result of Intel'scollaboration, firewall products from Check Point Software TechnologiesLtd., Cisco Systems and Trusted Information Systems will offer this newcapability in compliance with the H.323 Internet communication standard.

Intel developed a technical solution to solve the problem of gettingH.323 standards-based Internet communications through firewalls. Firewalls are the software programs that restrict the flow ofinformation between a company's network and the Internet in order tokeep sensitive information private. Intel produced a technical paper todocument the solution for allowing the H.323 communication standard tobe supported in firewalls and then developed software to validate thatsolution. Intel worked with the firewall vendors to validate the H.323standard in their upcoming products.

With this announcement, Check Point Software, Cisco and TrustedInformation Systems have all stated support for the H.323 standard andthat they plan to offer standard-compliant firewall products later thisyear. These products include:

  • Check Point Software's Check Point(TM) FireWall-1(TM)
  • Cisco's PIX Firewall series
  • Trusted Information Systems' Gauntlet(R) family

"The Intel Architecture Labs are devoted to delivering technology thatenhances Internet communications and makes interoperability over theInternet a reality for business," said Craig Kinnie, vice president andgeneral manager, Intel's Internet and Communications Group. "Intel ispromoting the adoption of the H.323 standard in firewall products sothat Internet phone calls can be placed in a business-to-business orbusiness-to-customer setting."

"Check Point Software is pleased to announce immediate support for theH.323 communications standard," said Deborah Triant, president and CEOof Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. "With the proliferation ofaudio and video applications on the Internet, and their adoption withincorporate intranets and extranets for business applications, our workwith Intel has been important to ensure interoperability across therapidly-evolving corporate infrastructure."

"Cisco recognizes businesses require enhanced communication with theircustomers, vendors, and other companies while maintaining scaleableend-to-end security solutions," said Christine Hemrick, general managerand vice president of the Internet Appliances and Applications BusinessUnit at Cisco. "Cisco is committed to bring the broadest possiblecommunications capabilities to business users."

"Customers choose Gauntlet firewalls because they need a system that cansupport the new applications that they want in a secure fashion," saidSteven Lipner, executive vice president and general manager, NetworkSecurity Products at Trusted Information Systems. "Incorporating Intel'snew H.323-compliant technology to support a new generation of multimediaproducts is a perfect example of our commitment to making Gauntlet notonly the most secure firewall available, but also the most useful."

Technical details about upcoming firewall products

Check Point Software's FireWall-1 -- Support for H.323 will be includedin Check Point Software's next release of FireWall-1, version 3.0, whichwill ship later this month. Through the company's high-performanceStateful Inspection implementation, support for new applications andstandards, such as H.323, can be included quickly and easily. FireWall-1 is the foundation of the company's OPSEC (Open Platform forSecure Enterprise Connectivity) architecture, an open, extensiblemanagement framework whereby customers can easily and seamlesslyintegrate a full spectrum of security applications to manage functionssuch as access control, address translation, authentication, auditing,accounting, encryption and content security.

Cisco PIX Firewall - The PIX Firewall is a high-performance, statefulsecurity product allowing over 16,000 simultaneous TCP/IP connectionsthrough the use of its embedded Adaptive Security Algorithm. The PIXFirewall will support H.323 technology with or without network addresstranslation (NAT) making deployment and network expansion easier forusers. By supporting H.323-based technology through the PIX Firewall,users are ensured expedient delivery of Internet telephonycommunications.

Trusted Information Systems Gauntlet family of firewall products - TheGauntlet firewall is an application relay, or proxy firewall - the mostsecure form of firewall. The Gauntlet application of the H.323 proxywill monitor and control all H.323 calls between the organization'sinternal network and the Internet (or between Intranet domains). Theproxy can ensure that only valid H.323 traffic is permitted through theGauntlet firewall. It can also enforce access control policies todetermine which users can initiate or receive H.323 calls, whatdestinations are appropriate, and whether a particular user is allowedto use video facilities. The proxy will be managed consistently withthe other Gauntlet firewall proxies and support the same level ofauditing.


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