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Cisco Sets the Pace for Globalization of Internet Sites

Integrated Services Deliver Local Languages, Content and Regional Access to Users Worldwide
Mar 24, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - March 24, 1997 - Cisco Systems, Inc. todayannounced it has expanded the reach of its trend-setting Internet Website with the introduction of a comprehensive range of new globalizedcapabilities. These capabilities continue an ongoing plan to enhanceaccess to the site, Cisco Connection Online (CCO), and to add newfeatures for users worldwide.

The globalized site gives users expanded local-language features,country-specific content, and regional Internet access for fasterconnection time. By providing a consistent user interface and integratedregional access worldwide, Cisco is further extending the globalnetworked business model that has made CCO the premier example of doingbusiness over the Internet.

"A global networked business spans all geographies, fostering closerelationships with customers, partners, prospects, suppliers andemployees worldwide," said Chris Sinton, Director of Cisco Connection."CCO's globalization features demonstrate how companies can leverage thepower of networking to streamline business processes and improve accessto critical information and resources on a truly global scale."

Cisco Connection Online ( provides a wide array ofnetworked applications for customers and business partners, as well ascompany and product/solution information for the public. Cisco conductsmore than 70 percent of its customer support through its Web site andhandles 15 percent of product orders over the Internet. CCO gives usersdirect, real-time access to information and services such as softwareupgrades, technical assistance, order status, seminar registration,documentation and training.

CCO's globalization services include:
  • Local-Language Content - Cisco has contracted with Direct LanguageCommunications, Inc. of San Francisco to translate selected Web pagesand graphics into 14 languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish,French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese,Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Hundreds of additional translateddocuments are also available.

  • Country-Specific Content - Cisco has developed 49 "country pages" thatdisplay country or region-specific information, such as local Ciscooffices, service and support contacts, certified sales and supportpartners, seminars, events and training courses.

  • Regional Access - Cisco has installed CCO remote distribution serverswith local Points of Presence (POPs) in countries throughout the world.Users can now access all CCO guest services - including productinformation, documentation and technical tips - through dedicated linksin China, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Japan, France and South Korea.Dozens of local POPs will be added throughout 1997.

Visitors to CCO will be able to access these services through a simple,common interface that allows them to move easily from service toservice.

CCO has been used by customers and partners worldwide since itsinception as a text-based bulletin board in April 1992. In August 1996,Cisco opened the first commercial Internet Web site in China used forcustomer support, and the latest enhancements are designed to expandglobal usage even further.

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