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USAA Insures Scalable Intranet With New Cisco End-To-End Network

World's Largest Campus LAN Built with Cisco Switches and Routers
Jan 14, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - January 14, 1997 - Cisco Systems, Inc. todayannounced that USAA, one of the largest insurance providers in theworld, has selected Cisco as its strategic supplier for building its newnetwork infrastructure. The switched network will enable USAA todiversify its service offerings and ensure even faster customer service.

The new network, based on a client-server computing environment, willgive more USAA agents faster access to information, enabling the companyto expand their offerings to include financial services, such asbanking, investment and real estate. The intranet will be built withCatalyst LAN switches, LightStream 1010 ATM switches and Cisco 7000 series routers with Channel Interface Processor (CIP) cards whichoffload networking functions from the central mainframe. Speed andreliability of the network is critical, as USAA relies on its network toservice its more than 2.7 million active duty, former and retiredmilitary officers and their families.

"At USAA our business is all about information and getting thatinformation processed as quickly and efficiently as possible," saidSally Grant, USAA assistant vice president of network development andsustainment. "The network plays a fundamental role in helping us notonly to provide quicker and better service but also in enabling newservices that add tremendous value to our customers."

The decision to move to a switched network came about as USAA's businessoutgrew the existing central mainframe environment. Retrieving andmodifying vital data required more scalability and better control ofpossible bottlenecks. With the new network, changes can be made fromvirtually any client computer and the speed at which agents can retrieveand update information will drastically reduce customer wait-time.

"Cisco was chosen for one simple reason," commented Grant. "We wanted asingle source supplier that could deliver a complete, interoperable andbest of class solution across our entire enterprise infrastructure."

To ensure a smooth migration, USAA has already begun extensivelaboratory testing that simulates three buildings designed with ATM atthe backbone or core and Ethernet switching in wiring closets and to thedesktop. The project, estimated to be completed by December 1998 willconsist of approximately 1,200 Catalyst 5000 LAN switches, 75+LightStream 1010 ATM campus switches, 50+ Cisco 7500 routers and a widerange of other Cisco products

"As the largest commitment to a single vendor solution in Cisco'shistory, USAA represents a significant milestone in our move toestablish much more of a relationship with our customers, centered on acommon goal and vision for our customers' business," said Alex Mendez,vice president of marketing for Cisco's enterprise networking group.

USAA, the nation's fourth-largest homeowner insurer and fifth-largestauto insurer, is an international insurance and financial servicescompany primarily serving members of the US military and their families. The association, ranked 200 on Fortune Magazine's list of the largest500 US corporations, has owned and managed assets of more than $40billion.

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