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New SOHO Access Hubs Deliver Simple and Secure Internet Access

Cisco simplifies network management and reduces set up time for SOHO customers
Jan 20, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - January 20, 1997 - Cisco Systems, Inc. todayexpanded its 700 series of SOHO routers with the introduction of theCisco 770 series of access hubs. The new, affordably priced, Cisco 770series delivers simple and secure Internet access to growing SOHOcustomers requiring multiple user connectivity.

The Cisco 770 series enables multiple users to share informationinternally and share access to the Internet simultaneously. As SOHOnetworks become more advanced and require workstation addressmanagement, new products such as the Cisco 770 series deliver easy setup, simple address management and internal security from the outsideworld.

"These new hubs, ideally tailored to small office environments, deliveradvanced software and hardware features to SOHO customers at anaffordable price," said Ed Alcoff, Cisco 700 series product manager atCisco Systems. "As telecommuting and remote office access continues togain momentum, users are requiring ease of installation, simplifiedmanagement and enhanced security. The Cisco 700 series clearly meets theneeds of this rapidly growing market."

Cisco 770 Series

The Cisco 770 series is comprised of four new models, the Cisco 771,Cisco 772, Cisco 775 and Cisco 776, all are ISDN routers with anintegrated four port Ethernet hub and a new call connect/disconnectswitch on the front bezel. The Cisco 775 and Cisco 776 include twoanalog telephone interfaces that permit standard telephones, facsimilemachines and modems to share a single ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI)line.

Secure Private Networks

The Cisco 700 series are the first SOHO products in the industry tosupport Port and Address Translation (PAT), a new Cisco IOS softwarefeature enabling single IP addresses to be assigned to entire LANs,significantly conserving valuable IP addresses, simplifying networkmanagement and reducing costs to both service providers and end-users.Remote workstation and LAN addresses are dynamically assigned by theDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server now supported on theCisco 700 series router/hub. SOHO customers with private networkaddressing schemes can maintain them as all WAN traffic is now mapped toa single node, the Cisco 700 series router/hub. With PAT's"many-into-one feature", only one IP address is accessible from theoutside world providing firewall-like security for the internal network.In addition, the Cisco 700 series can be configured to allow externalaccess to any internal server on the remote LAN on an as needed basis.

Easy to Configure and Deploy

The Cisco 700 series is now easier to install and configure. WithClickStart(TM) software included, users can configure their router/hubin a matter of minutes with an easy to follow Web-based graphicalinterface. Documentation now includes an easy to follow one pageinstallation guide. To simplify the out of box experience, all cablesand ports will be color-coded and simple installation instructions willalso be printed on the outside of the box.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) is the leading global supplier of enterprise internetworking solutions, including routers, LAN and ATM switches, dial-up access servers andnetwork management software. These products, integrated by the CiscoIOS TMsoftware , link geographically dispersed LANs,WANs and IBM networks. Cisco news and product/service information areavailable at World Wide Web site Cisco isheadquartered in San Jose, CA.

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