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New Feature-Rich Cisco Catalyst 1800 Switch Provides Comprehensive Suite of Token Ring Switching Solutions for the Enterprise

First Cisco Product Resulting from the Integration of Nashoba Networks
Dec 17, 1996

Research Triangle Park, N.C.- December 17, 1996 - Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in LAN Switching and SNA integration, today introduced the feature-rich Catalyst 1800 Token Ring switch. The Catalyst 1800 switch, offering optional 100 Mbps FDDI now, and 155 Mbps ATM up-links next year, further bolsters Cisco's already unparalleled range of Token Ring solutions.

The Catalyst 1800 is the first product derived from Cisco's recent acquisition of Nashoba Networks, Inc. The new Cisco product now includes features added since the acquisition such as RMON (Remote MONitoring), additional filtering, and CiscoView network management support.

The Catalyst 1800 switch complements the existing Catalyst Token Ring switches, and enables customers to realize cost-effective, high-performance, and value-added hierarchical Token Ring switching solutions. In such hierarchical configurations, Catalyst 2600s will typically address LAN micro-segmentation, workgroup switching, and full-duplex server applications while the Catalyst 1800 will provide backbone interconnections and high-throughput uplinks. The Catalyst 1800 however, can also be used on its own for LAN segmentation and backbone interconnection applications.

The Catalyst 1800 fulfills the CiscoBlue Roadmap's Phase 7 deliverables related to Token Ring switching. The CiscoBlue Roadmap, unveiled in March 1996, provides IBM customers with a systematic means for migrating to multiprotocol backbones and switched networking.

The Catalyst 1800 is a proven, high-performance, 8-, 12- or 16-port Token Ring switch with optional FDDI and 155 Mbps ATM uplinks. It currently supports Source-Route Bridging (SRB), Transparent Switching, Source-Route Transparent (SRT), Source-Route Translational Bridging (SRTLB), RMON, NETBIOS name caching, filtering of unnecessary broadcast traffic, and sophisticated VLAN facilities. Many of these software features, the 8-, 12- and 16-port models, and the FDDI uplink are already field-proven. The 155Mbps ATM uplink will be available during first half 1997.

"Cisco is the only vendor that can provide flexible, cost-compelling, hierarchical or stratified Token Ring switching solutions that meet all of the requirements of the IBM customer base," said Ming Lee, product manager, Token Ring switching. "With the value-added features introduced with the Catalyst 1800, particularly in the areas of FDDI and RMON, Cisco will now be the leading supplier of Token Ring switching solutions. The Catalyst 1800 switch, working in tandem with other Cisco switching and routing products, delivers all of the Token Ring switching related solutions in Phases 6 and 7 of the CiscoBlue Roadmap and paves a smooth migration path to the solutions that will be offered in later phases of that Roadmap."

Robust Industry Standard Management

The Catalyst 1800 pioneers the use of RMON to incisively manage and monitor Token-Ring switching environments. The Catalyst 1800 supports 8 of the RMON groups related to Token-Ring networking. The Catalyst 1800 RMON capability combined with TrafficDirector and CiscoView (Cisco's RMON and device management packages respectively) provides comprehensive monitoring and configuration capabilities. With this powerful management capability, Cisco is ensuring that LAN Network Manager customers have a strategic migration path to contemporary SNMP-based, industry-standard management schemes.

Inclusive Switching Modes and VLANs

With comprehensive support of all possible switching modes, the Catalyst 1800 can be used without restriction in any Token Ring, FDDI, or ATM LAN Emulation environment with a wide set of protocols [eg. SNA/APPN, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS, etc.]. This eliminates the need for software on PCs, workstations, or servers to be updated or re-configured. In high-availability designs, the Catalyst 1800 provides Source-Route Bridging functionality to facilitate alternate redundant paths across the network without creating unnecessary explorer traffic. The VLAN capabilities of the Catalyst 1800 enable any of the ports to be logically grouped together, and be assigned ring numbers, to isolate traffic to certain groups of users and minimize unnecessary broadcast traffic.

Pricing and Availability

The Catalyst 1800, with optional FDDI uplinks, is now generally available as of December 1996.

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