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Intel Introduces Its CablePortâ„¢ Family Of Products

Fast Internet Access is a Reality with a complete end-to-end
Dec 10, 1996

Fast Internet Access is a Reality with a complete end-to-end solution forBroadband Internet Communications to the PC

SANTA CLARA, Calif., December 10, 1996 -- Intel Corporation today introduced its CablePortTMfamily of products for cable operators that fully integrates all the functions required to deliverbroadband Internet communications for the PC. From the head-end system to the subscriber's PC,the CablePort family of products offers cable operators a high performance cable down, telephonyreturn end-to-end solution that allows them to begin offering services to their subscribers throughtheir current cable infrastructure. Further, the CablePort products are flexible, scaleable andmanageable allowing one- and two-way data-over-cable to coexist, economically opening the doorto a two-way system in the future.

A portfolio of products that can save cable operators time and money, the family includes theCablePort Cable Modem, the CablePort Data Delivery System (CDDS) and the CablePort InstallSoftware. The hardware elements of this product family which include the cable modem and the datadelivery system have been developed to the open, worldwide DVB-C cable data transportspecification. Historically, open protocols such as this facilitate multi-vendor selection, and hencecan result in reduced costs to both the cable operator and the enduser subscriber base.

"Intel is excited about bringing this fully integrated end-to-end solution for broadband delivery ofInternet services to the PC", stated Matt Diethelm, general manager of the Cable Products Division,Intel Corporation. "The CablePort family of products will allow cable operators to bringMultimedia-rich interactive services to personal computers via high speed cable, providing atremendous growth opportunity for subscriber usage and new cable services."

Providing High Speed Performance

When combined with a Pentium( processor based PC, PCI bus, and a POTS or ISDN telephonemodem for the return channel, the internal PCI card form factor Intel CablePort Cable Modem isready for deployment today offering speeds at up to 30 Mbps (6Mhz channel) or 41Mbps (8Mhzchannel).

Through our experiences in worldwide trials, it has become evident that reducing the cost ofinstallation and support for cable modems is key to a successful data over cable service business.The CablePort cable modem features a comprehensive installation toolset using PCI Plug and Playtechnology that can reduce install times from as long as 3 hours to as little as 15 minutes.

In an effort to handle the full throughput of a high bandwidth data stream, Intel has integrated anon-board full 100Mbit Intel Ethernet controller that coupled with the functionality of the CablePortCable Modem allows for a single, seamless installation process. In addition, the CablePort CableModem has powerful, built in network support, diagnostics for cost effective client managementwith Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and a POTS auto dialer that simplifies subnetconnection to the network.

Best-in-class Standard Networking Components

The Intel CablePort Cable Data Delivery System (CDDS) is the head-end hardware and software thatroutes, controls, monitors, and prioritizes data sent to and from subscriber PCs. It incorporatessubscriber management, comprehensive network services,and content delivery services.

The Intel CablePort Data Delivery System combines standard networking components such as aCisco router which takes advantage of network services offered by Cisco's IOS TM software.Through the combination of these networking components, and Intel's CDDS Link card andsoftware interfacing the router to the modulator, customers have the ability to save money whileenjoying the flexibility, support and proven reliability of recognized industry vendors.

"Cisco is pleased to continue its relationship with Intel and believes that the cable industry holdssignificant potential for new and alternative data services to consumers and businesses, particularlyin the use of cable for Internet access," said Bob Schack, Cisco's director of broadband networks."Our intent is to complement the strength of cable by using our expertise in internetworkingtechnologies to enable internet data access and networking over cable."

In addition, the Intel CablePort Cable Data Delivery System is scaleable-- a data delivery system thatallows one- and two-way data-over-cable to coexist on the same channel and network node.

Reducing Costs of Installation and Support

The Intel CablePort Install Software is also available for use with external cable modems whichinterface to the PC via Ethernet. This software allows for the complete installation of an IntelNetwork Interface Card (NIC) in a PC with an external cable modem. An easy to use softwarepackage, the Intel CablePort Install Software directs the cable operator installation technicianthrough the process, automates most of the tasks and has the same easy to understand graphicalinterface regardless of the cable modem being installed.

Availability and Ordering Information

The Intel CablePort products will be available in limited quantities early next year with volumedeployments anticipated for 2H'97. The products will be marketed directly to cable operators andMSOs by Intel's Cable Products Division. To learn more about how the Intel CablePort System canbring Internet services to your subscribers please call (602)554-0771 or visit Intel on the WorldWide Web at /cable.

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of personal computer,networking, and communications products. Through innovative technologies, Intel is committed toimproving the Internet experience for PC consumers. Additional information is available

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