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Cisco Delivers Web Publishing and Video Distribution Solutions for the Internet and Intranets

Cisco Micro Webserver and IP/TV Software Provide Turnkey Web
Dec 10, 1996

Cisco Micro Webserver and IP/TV Software Provide Turnkey Web Publishing and Desktop Network Video Distribution

NEW YORK, New York - December 10, 1996 - Cisco Systems today introduced the Micro Webserver(TM), a turnkey network appliance that gives customers a simple and cost-effective way to share Web site information via the Internet and intranets. The company also announced the availability of Cisco IP/TV, a software suite, for real-time network video distribution over existing intranets and the Internet.

The Micro Webserver is an easy-to-use, standalone hardware product ideal for small businesses, branch offices and large enterprises that want to publish Web pages and share information via intranets. For Internet service providers (ISPs), it presents a plug-and-play Web server solution for customer premises. The Micro Webserver is also well suited for the following applications: network documentation server and standalone kiosks.

Cisco IP/TV is a leading standards-based Multimedia networking product, developed by Precept Software, that allows video and audio to run on existing IP packet-switched networks and over corporate intranets and the Internet. Together with Cisco IOS(TM) software features, Cisco IP/TV brings the power of live and programmed video and audio communications to a host of applications, including distance learning, employee training and telemedicine.

"Networking technology is adapting quickly to the changing needs of end users and corporations in response to the tremendous potential of the Internet," said Christine Hemrick, vice president of marketing for Cisco's Internet Business Unit. "One example of this innovation is our newest network appliance, the Micro Webserver, which is targeted at making it easier for small businesses, ISPs and enterprise customers to use the Internet and Web technology for productive business purposes."Simplifying intranets

Small and branch offices are looking for cost-effective solutions that can be quickly implemented with minimal complexity and are scalable, easy to set-up and maintain. Additionally, the popularity of Web sites and intranets at branch offices of large corporations and small businesses are creating a need for simple and cost-effective solutions. Cisco's Micro Webserver gives enterprise customers a cost-effective solution to build workgroup intranets to increase collaboration and provides small business and branch office customers an easy way to establish a Web presence. When combined with other products from Cisco such as its routers, LocalDirector and PIX Firewall, users have a highly scalable solution to accommodate growing networks

Other server solutions require a high-powered computer and software for operating systems, Web servers and additional utilities. The Micro Webserver eliminates the existing complexity of today's servers by offering an "all-in-one" solution customized for easy installation in minutes.

With the Cisco Micro Webserver, users can build "mini" intranets for simple information access. When used with a CD-ROM player, the Micro Webserver provides access to corporate publications, product documentation and databases published in HTML format. The Webserver interfaces with the Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and has a removable Iomega Zip Drive which provides 100 MB of data and application storage.

"The information available on the Internet is massive - almost incomprehensible," said Timothy L. Hill, Iomega vice president of worldwide marketing. "The combination of Cisco's Micro Webserver and Iomega's Zip drive will better help consumers save, use, move and organize this immense amount of information."

"Creating simple but powerful solutions required close coordination with several partners like Iomega Corp. and Compact Devices, Inc.," noted Kevin Cheek, Cisco product marketing manager. Compact Devices specializes in micro kernel OS technology which Cisco implements in the Micro Webserver.

Standards-Based Video Distribution

Cisco IP/TV employs multicasting - a form of information distribution, which conserves network resources while allowing an unlimited number of users to view desired programs. With multicasting, only one real-time stream of data for each program is transmitted by the network to users who have chosen to "tune in," saving precious network bandwidth. IP Multicasting is supported by Cisco and all other major network equipment providers and is readily available on enterprise intranets.

Users are ensured of seamless interoperability of Cisco's new solution through its support of IP Multicast and all other current multimedia standards under consideration by the IETF. These standards include the Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), a mechanism for carrying video and audio over IP networks. Future releases of Cisco IP/TV will also support Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), which prioritizes various types of network traffic for bandwidth intensive multimedia applications. RSVP support will also be available as part of Cisco IOS software which ensures robust, reliable internetworks by supporting the multimedia requirements of both LAN and WAN protocols.

Cisco IP/TV brings real-time video and audio broadcasting to Windows 95 and NT users over existing data networks. This suite of software includes three product components, including the IP/TV Program Guide which provides a listing of the available video and audio programs. Installed on each Windows-based PC, Cisco IP/TV Viewer enables users to view their selected program, while IP/TV Server transmits the program according to specified parameters, including start time.

Pricing and Availability

The Micro Webserver is available for ordering now from Cisco and certified Cisco enterprise resellers.

Cisco IP/TV is available immediately. Components are also available separately directly from Cisco and its enterprise resellers.

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