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Telecom Finland Deploys Cisco in World's Largest ATM Network

LightStream 1010 ATM Switches Scale Data Communications
Nov 12, 1996

LightStream 1010 ATM Switches Scale Data Communications Services for Expanding Customer Base

  • LightStream 1010 ATM switches as both a backbone and access network solution for its expanding ATM-network.

    Telecom Finland can now more easily update its ATM-network to become more reliable and scalable as well as provide new, more advanced data communication services to its rapidly increasing customer base. Telecom Finland now has the largest production ATM network in the world. Financial details of the deployment have not been disclosed.

    Introduced this spring, the LightStream 1010 workgroup/Campus ATM switches are first to deploy key ATM Forum P-NNI and ABR standards, bolstering Cisco's leadership role in the worldwide ATM marketplace. Cisco Systems and Telecom Finland worked closely in the design phase of the LightStream 1010. (For more product details see release addendum "LightStream 1010 switch summary of features").

    "Cisco introduced the LightStream 1010 to enable users to build production ATM networks that are reliable and scalable," said Mario Mazzola, vice president of Cisco's Workgroup Business Unit. "As a result of cooperation between Cisco and Telecom Finland, the two companies are now deploying the switches in a new environment."

    Taking advantage of network services offered by Cisco's IOSTM software, the LightStream 1010 offers the most complete feature set of any switch in its class. At the same time, it is designed to let customers easily and inexpensively add new features and upgrade the switch in order to keep pace with evolving standards.

    "Telecom Finland wanted to bring high-performance, and simultaneously, affordable ATM services to every customer," said Juha Heinanen, Telecom Finland's director of technology. "Cisco4s 1010 switches were designed for large scale corporate and campus networks, but through collaborative efforts, the LightStream 1010 is a powerful device that fits very well with Telecom Finland's distributed ATM deployment strategy."

    The Finnish deployment is one more example of Cisco's growing presence as a strategic supplier to telecommunications carriers and other service providers worldwide. According to Dataquest, Cisco is the 10th largest vendor of telecommunications equipment in the world, based on the dollar value of sales.

    "Cisco has made substantial progress in the telecommunications market worldwide," said Jon Shantz, vice president of service provider marketing for Cisco. "Service providers are beginning to see the benefits of partnering with Cisco to deploy end-to-end solutions and scalable strategic platforms."

    Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) is the leading global supplier of internetworking solutionsfor corporate intranets and the global Internet. Cisco's products---includingrouters, LAN and WAN switches, dial-up access servers and network managementsoftware---are integrated by Cisco IOS TM software tolink geographically dispersed LANs, WANs and IBM networks. Company news andproduct/service information are available at World Wide Web site Cisco is headquartered in San Jose,Calif.

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    LightStream 1010 Switch Summary of Features

    • Switch and processor Capacity
      • 5-Gbps shared memory, nonblocking switch fabric
      • 65,536 cells of shared ATM cell buffers
      • 16-MB processor DRAM standard, maximum of 64 MB
      • 8-MB Flash memory standard, internally expandable up to 16
      • MB plus up to 20 MB through PCMCIA Flash cards

    • Software images
      • Default image with IISP protocol
      • Optional PNNI image with plug-and-play capability
      • Field replaceable Feature Card for investment protection

    • Port adapter modules
      • PAM with 1 SONET STS12c/STM4c single-mode fiber port,
      • SC connector
      • PAM with 4 SONET STS3c/SDH STM1 multimode fiber ports, SC connectors
      • PAM with 4 SONET STS3c/SDH STM1 single-mode fiber ports, SC connectors
      • PAM with 4 SONET STS3c/SDH STM1 UTP-5 ports, SC connectors
      • PAM with 1 SONET STS12c/SDH STM4c single-mode fiber port, SC connector
      • PAM with 2 DS3 ports, BNC connectors
      • PAM with 2 E3 ports, BNC connectors

    • Interface timing
      • Loop timing, Stratum 4 accuracy clock for self-timing, master clock distribution port

    • Management access
        Standard Ethernet and dual EIA/TIA 232 serial ports on ASP module

    • Connections
      • 32,000 point-to-point, 2,048 point-to-multipoint
      • VC and VP switching, VP tunneling
      • PVC and SVC
      • F4 and F5 OAM segment and end-to-end flows, RDI and AIS
      • OAM Ping on IP or ATM address

    • Signaling and routing
      • UNI 3.0, UNI 3.1
      • ILMI
      • PNNI Phase 1, IISP

    • Soft PVC/PVP support
      • ATM access lists and firewalls
      • Crankback
      • Plug-and-play mode with PNNI image
      • Redundant link support with load balancing or best-fit selection

    • Traffic management
      • Single, dual-mode leaky bucket traffic policing
      • Per-port traffic pacing
      • Multiple, configurable per connection, port, and switch thresholds
      • Multiple priority classes
      • All ATM connection types and AALs
      • Connection admission control
      • CLP tagging and discard
      • Intelligent packet discard
      • Available bit rate support: EFCI marking mode and relative rate marking mode

    • Network management
      • Port Rx and Tx LEDs, switch and common equipment status LEDs
      • Port snooping and connection steering
      • Multiple standard and enterprise MIBs
      • Text-based command-line interface based on familiar router interface
      • Standard Cisco IOS Security capabilities: passwords and TACACS
      • Telnet, TFTP, BOOTP, LAN Emulation client, RFC 1577
      • Classical IP over ATM client, for management access
      • CiscoView GUI application for device configuration and management
      • AtmDirector GUI system management application

    • MTBF
      • 7.1 years for system configuration

    • Dimensions (H x W x D)
      • Chassis: 10.5 x 17.2 x 18.1"; standard 19-inch rack mount
      • (26.7 x 43.7 x 46.1 cm)
      • ASP and CAM: 1.2 x 14.4 x 16.0" (3.0 x 36.6 x 40.6 cm)
      • PAM: 1.2 x 6.5 x 10" (3.0 x 16.5 X.25.4 cm)

    • Weight
      • Empty: 43 lbs (19.5 kg)
      • Fully loaded: approximately 85 lbs (39 kg) (depends on loading).

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