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Cisco Systems Optimizes Networking for Small- and Medium- Sized Businesses

Introduces extended network system linking remote users and
Oct 28, 1996

Introduces extended network system linking remote users and Internet access to high-performance LANs on one manageable platform

SAN JOSE, Calif. - October 28, 1996 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced NetBeyond(TM), an extended network system of integrated modular, stackable products manageable from a central location.The NetBeyond system supports high-performance LAN needs, while simultaneously extending networking capabilities beyond the traditional office to provide small- and medium-sized businesses with remote connectivity and secure Internet access. NetBeyond brings Cisco's enterprise expertise to bear for small- and medium-sized companies by delivering an affordable, easy-to-use internetworking solution that is designed to grow with their business.

The NetBeyond extended network system includes new, low-cost configuration-flexible Ethernet switches and 100BaseT hubs for high-performance LANs and a range of access routers for branch offices, mobile users and Internet connectivity. NetBeyond also includes support for a common redundant power supply (RPS), which can handle any combination of up to four NetBeyond elements, to guarantee network reliability and resiliency.

All of the NetBeyond system elements are integrated through Cisco IOS(TM) software technologies to guarantee product interoperability, ensure LAN and WAN Security, and provide enhanced support for Multimedia. In addition, Cisco IOS Technologies deliver unified and simplified management to view, manage and troubleshoot the entire network from a central location.

"With its experience in building worldwide networks for large enterprise companies, Cisco is uniquely qualified to address the extended network needs of small- and medium-sized businesses," said Jack Moses, director of marketing for Cisco Systems' Small Internetworks Business Unit. "NetBeyond enables these companies to benefit from Cisco's technical expertise in WAN and LAN technologies and its world class quality, service and support in an easy-to-use, affordable system tailored for their market."

"Pay as you Grow" Platform for Investment Protection

NetBeyond's scalable, modular design addresses three key user concerns for investment protection: flexibility, compatibility and scalability.

Network managers can mix and match NetBeyond elements and modules within the system to customize a solution that meets their particular network and business requirements. Multiple product versions allow small- and medium-sized business customers to tailor a solution optimized at a feature, price and form factor to address their specific needs.

The tight integration of the NetBeyond elements through Cisco IOS technologies ensures compatibility among all of the products customers need today and those they may require in the future, ensuring a smooth migration path as their business grows or needs change.

Integrated Software for Centralized Management and Network Security

NetBeyond system elements share a common network management system, CiscoWorks(TM) Windows, enabling network managers to easily manage and view all of the products centrally from a single network management console. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Remote Monitoring (RMON) and Telnet management is supported through Cisco IOS technologies, and Cisco Group Multicast Protocol (CGMP) is included in the switches and routers for enhanced multimedia support over the LAN and WAN.

NetBeyond also provides support for secure access control across the extended network to protect the privacy of corporate data through such features as extended access lists, audit trails, firewalls and secure LAN addressing.

Bandwidth Optimization for Affordable Wide-Area Access

In addition to its support for high-performance LAN applications, Cisco IOS technologies in the NetBeyond system allow small- and medium-sized businesses to more cost-effectively utilize their WAN bandwidth across the extended network. Data compression and multiple traffic prioritization techniques ensure that mission-critical data is accommodated, while features such as dial-on-demand and bandwidth on-demand ensure that costs for usage-based services, such as ISDN, are minimized.

NetBeyond System Elements

The NetBeyond extended network system includes the following new products:
  • FastHub 300 Series - a series of manageable, stackable, 100BaseT hubs combining affordable 100 Mbps performance for high-speed workgroup applications and server connectivity with unmatched configuration flexibility, scalability and resiliency
  • EtherSwitch 1220 and 1420 Series - 24-port ,10BaseT Ethernet switches combining configuration flexibility with exceptional affordability for workgroup applications; available in both fixed and modular configurations with 100BaseT and FDDI uplinks
  • Cisco 3600 Series - a new family of modular dial-Access Solutions, integrating LAN-to-LAN and User-LAN internetworking functionality
  • Cisco 1600 Series - a series of scalable Internet/intranet access connectivity routers designed for small branch offices and small businesses available in four models with a choice of wide-area network connections, including ISDN, Frame Relay, leased lines and X.25

The new NetBeyond elements also work with existing Cisco solutions, including the Cisco 2500 Series and 760 Series routers, the Cisco 200 Series remote node products and Cisco Remote software, to complete an integrated extended network system that includes branch offices, home offices and mobile users.

The NetBeyond extended network system elements are sold separately and will be distributed through CiscoPro(TM) resellers worldwide.

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