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Cisco Introduces Innovative Graphical Software for Simplified Network Name and Address Management

First commercial DNS/DHCP server for enterprise networks
Sep 05, 1996

First commercial DNS/DHCP server for enterprise networks

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- September 5, 1996 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced a new graphical software tool designedto centrally manage names and addresses in large corporate TCP/IP networks. Internet service providers or networkadministrators at large enterprises can use this graphical configuration software to simplify network management,improve security and reliability, prevent address duplication and service disruptions, and save on administrative costs.

This addition to Cisco's line of networking solutions is called the Cisco Domain Name System (DNS)/Dynamic HostConfiguration Protocol (DHCP) Manager or Cisco DNS/DHCP Manager. A key component of this new software managementtool is the first commercial DHCP server specifically engineered for large, switched networks. This DHCP serverdynamically updates the DNS name and clients IP addresses.

"The Cisco DNS/DHCP Manager's graphical DNS management tool scales to support thousands of nodes on multipleplatforms, provides network administrators with the ability to manage DNS centrally and works with their existingDNS servers. Cisco's enhanced DHCP servers allow remote PC users to move easily from one location to another withoutthe burden of re-configuring their IP addresses," said Christine Hemrick, vice president of marketing for the InternetBusiness Unit at Cisco.

Graphical Domain Name Manager

The Cisco DNS/DHCP Manager features the Domain Name Manager (DNM), which provides easier management of DNS by severalnetwork administrators, even from remote sites. DNS servers are typically managed by editing text files command lineby command line -- an unwieldy system prone to errors. The DNM streamlines this cumbersome editing task, checking allDNS entries for proper syntax and eliminating duplication of existing IP addresses.

Enhanced TCP/IP services for Windows NT and UNIX

Cisco offers enterprise-quality TCP/IP services for the Windows NT and UNIX environments that are not offered by othervendors. The Cisco DNS/DHCP Manager offers the only commercial DHCP server that supports address pools with multiplesubnets, with BOOTP, and automatically updates DNS. Currently shipping DHCP servers cannot create address pools thatinclude multiple logical networks.

The Cisco DNS/DHCP Manager also includes a TFTP server for loading images and configuration information to networkdevices over the network; an NTP server, a network time protocol that synchronizes time on all machines on thenetwork; and a Syslog server that logs errors and status messages over the network to a central location. All ofthese services are easily managed via the graphical user interface.


The Cisco DNS/DHCP Manager will be available October 30, 1996, and will support the following platforms: HP-UX, IBM AIX, OpenVMS, Sun Solaris and Windows NT. Pricing for the Cisco DNS/DHCP Manager is based on thenumber of nodes.

The DHCP Server, DNS Server and TFTP, NTP and Syslog servers are also bundled separately from the Cisco DNS/DHCPManager, offered as the Cisco Server Suite 1000. The DNM will also be available as a layered product for CiscoMultiNet(tm) for OpenVMS version 4.0 in the fourth quarter of 1996.

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