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Cisco Launches First Chinese Language Web Site for Customer Support

Direct connection to the PRC's national Internet backbone
Aug 30, 1996

Direct connection to the PRC's national Internet backbone ensures fast, inexpensive access

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 30, 1996 - Strengthening its serviceoperations in the People's Republic of China (PRC), Cisco Systems, Inc. hasunveiled the PRC's first Chinese language World Wide Web (WWW) customersupport site.

The new Cisco Connection Online (CCO) site, based in Beijing,offers users in the PRC free access in their own language to the sameinformation and services available to Cisco customers globally. Byconnecting the CCO site directly to CHINANET, the PRC's national Internetbackbone, Cisco has eliminated the expense of toll charges typicallyincurred by PRC users when accessing Internet sites outside the country.

"Cisco Connection Online gives our customers easy access to theinformation and tools they need to support and grow their internetworks,"said Gary Daichendt, Cisco's vice president of Intercontinental Operations."Locating a server in the PRC will enable customers in China to access CCOeasily without paying costly international telephone charges."

Employing the latest technology, CCO offers extensive onlinecustomer support. The service uses an intuitive Chinese language userinterface and powerful interactive database that is expected to resolvemore than 75 percent of all common network issues and problems experiencedby Cisco customers.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, information at the newsite includes: technical troubleshooting tools, order-status information,product pricing and configuration tools, software updates and upgrades,software release notes, product specifications, support service options,new product announcements, training programs and seminar schedules. CCOprovides two layers of access. The first layer, available to anyone,offers general information about Cisco's product and solution offerings.The second layer, available toregistered customers and partners, providesspecific information for diagnosing and resolving network problems,configuring and purchasing products, sharing information with othercustomers and many other services.

With Layer Two access, customers can communicate and interact withCisco's technical staff worldwide. Easy-to-use forms and file-dropfacilities connect users with Cisco's Technical Assistance Centers (TACs).Cisco's Asian TAC is based in Sydney, Australia, and is staffed by CiscoCertified Internetwork Experts (CCIE) experienced in handling inquiries ina variety of Asian languages, including Chinese.

"One of the great advantages of CCO is the up-to-date informationit provides," said William Messer, Cisco's managing director for NorthAsia. "All Cisco material is typically available online at the time ofpublic release, with hundreds of new documents added or updated each month,making CCO an ideal tool for both network managers and technical staff.And CCO is merely one example of Cisco's wide array of comprehensiveservice and support solutions," said Messer. "From seminars to training,installation services to self-maintenance programs and on-site serviceoptions, no other internetwork supplier can match the technical supportCisco offers."

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Posted: Wed Sep 4 16:17:41 PDT 1996
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