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Cisco Expands Service and Support Product Offerings for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

Service packages let resellers deliver complete, value-added
Aug 19, 1996

Service packages let resellers deliver complete, value-added solutions tocustomers

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 19, 1996 - Continuing its efforts toprovide service and support options to resellers and their customers, CiscoSystems, Inc. today announced the addition of two new service offerings tothe CiscoPro suite of service products - CiscoPro Remote Configuration andCiscoPro Onsite Response - available immediately through CiscoProresellers.

CiscoPro Remote Configuration provides customers with configurationassistance for CiscoPro products from a CiscoPro technical supportengineer. CiscoPro Onsite Response ensures maximum network uptime througha combination of telephone, online and onsite support from Cisco'stechnical support team. Both services are designed for easy integrationwith a reseller's existing service and support offerings.

"CiscoPro Remote Configuration and CiscoPro Onsite Response allowus to offer our customers a high level of technical support and assistancewithout the expense of maintaining in-house technical staff. With theCiscoPro suite of service products, we are able to assist our customerswith constantly changing technology and provide a consistent level ofvalue-added services to our customers - no matter where they are located,"said Steve Anderson, director of sales at Capella Networking in San Jose,Calif.

CiscoPro Remote Configuration

With CiscoPro Remote Configuration, a CiscoPro technical supportengineer will provide personalized assistance with configuration of allCiscoPro products, including telephone support and configuration of theappropriate software via modem. The engineer will verify properconfiguration upon completion. The package is available with or without amodem for configuration downloads and verification.

CiscoPro Remote Configuration also includes a Site PreparationGuide that provides specifications for CiscoPro product power requirements,size and environmental factors as well as detailed information on preparingthe site for installation.

CiscoPro Onsite Response

CiscoPro Onsite Response offers resellers and their customersimmediate access to Cisco technical support, ensuring maximum networkavailability and streamlined problem resolution. CiscoPro Onsite Responseprovides a combination of telephone support through Cisco's TechnicalAssistance Center (TAC), registered access to detailed technical supportinformation on Cisco Connection Online (CCO) and onsite technicalassistance.

Users receive a pre-paid phone card to access Cisco's TAC. Ciscosupport engineers provide online diagnostics via a customer-provided modemand, based upon this analysis, will dispatch a technician and any necessaryparts to arrive either within four hours or the next business day,depending on the level of service the customer has selected.

CiscoPro suite of service products

The CiscoPro suite of service products supports all of the CiscoProinternetworking products, which offer comprehensive remote access, Internetaccess and high-performance LAN solutions for small- to medium-sizedbusinesses. All CiscoPro service offerings are sold only throughresellers, enabling them to build and sustain close business relationshipswith their customers. With intense competition in networking products,these service packages provide resellers with new opportunities todifferentiate themselves and generate additional revenue.

"The CiscoPro suite of service products allows our customers withlimited or outsourced IS staffs to utilize leading-edge networktechnology," said Tim Nolan, CiscoPro Service product manager. "Resellerscan build tailored service programs for their customers by combining theirown expertise with Cisco's pre-packaged service products. That givesresellers a competitive edge and customers the value-added services theyneed."

Pricing and availability

CiscoPro Remote Configuration is available immediately worldwidethrough CiscoPro resellers. CiscoPro Onsite Response is availableimmediately through CiscoPro resellers in the United States and Canada.Pricing on services is quoted by each reseller.

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