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Cisco Delivers Affordable Internet-Ready Access Routers to SOHO Customers

ClickStart now simplifies set-up and configuration of the
Aug 27, 1996

ClickStart now simplifies set-up and configuration of the Cisco 760 series

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- August 27, 1996 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today added two models to its760 Ethernet-to-ISDN router family. The Cisco 761 and Cisco 762 available immediately,deliver easy-to-configure Internet-ready ISDNaccess to professionals insmall-office,home-office (SOHO) environments.

In an effort to expand affordable Internet access to a growing number of users, Cisco alsoannounced a 25- to 40-percent price reduction across the entire Cisco 760 product line.

The Cisco 761 and Cisco 762 deliver the features and performance most small- andhome-office customers require for telecommuting and Internet access. The new modelsprovide high-speed routing via an ISDN Basic Rate Interface line. With the addition ofClickStart,users can now install and configure their router in minutes with thiseasy-to-use Web-based interface.

"As dial access becomes more prevalent, the Cisco 760 series provides dedicatedtelecommuters and remote-office users with transparent access to enterprise networks andthe Internet, while lowering the initial and recurring costs associated with telecommutingand dial-in access," said Edwin De Souza, director of SOHO solutions at Cisco. "Combined with the power of the Cisco AS5200universal access server, Cisco now deliversan end-to-end dial access solution with central management to enterprise customers,extending telecommuting services to their employees."


All Cisco 760 series routers -- Cisco 761, Cisco 762, Cisco 765 and Cisco 766 -- areupgradable to additional levels of functionality as customers' needs grow. Multiprotocolrouting and compression are now available as optional Cisco IOS(tm)software features. Internal memory is now easily expanded from 1 MB to 2 MBs for central site deploymentand added functionality.

In addition to the ClickStart Web-based configuration tool, users can initially configure theirrouter via a touch-tone telephone or with ConnectPro, a Microsoft Windows-based applicationalso designed to simplify installation, configuration and management.

The Cisco 761 has an ISDN BRI S/T interface for installation in countries where connecting toan external Network Termination 1 (NT1) is required. The Cisco 762 has a built-in NT1interface, making it ideal for North American users.


The Cisco 761 and 762 are available immediately. The Cisco 765 and 766 routers are alsoavailable, with price reductions of 25 to 40 percent, depending on configuration options.

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