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Cisco and Digital Sign Worldwide Agreement

SAN JOSE, Calif. - April 1, 1996 - Cisco Systems, Inc. and
Apr 01, 1996

SAN JOSE, Calif. - April 1, 1996 - Cisco Systems, Inc. and DigitalEquipment Corp. today announced agreement on an expanded relationship todeliver enterprise networking products and services worldwide. Theagreement builds upon the relationship initiated between the two companiesin 1990.

Digital is now slated to participate in Cisco's Global SupportPartner Certification Program. This new program recognizes partners thatdeliver service and support to Cisco customers on a worldwide,round-the-clock basis. Additionally, Digital plans to seek GoldCertification on a local basis to provide customers with large networkdesign, implementation and support services backed by Cisco CertifiedInternetworking Experts (CCIEs) . "Our new relationship with Ciscobuildson Digital's partnerships with two other technology leaders, Microsoft andCompaq," said Graeme Shorter, vice president of Network Services forDigital. "Customers want network integrators that have substantialrelationships with major manufacturers because enterprises are multivendorand increasingly complex."

Among the customers already benefiting from the combination ofDigital services and Cisco products in recent years is General ElectricPower Systems. Tracy Nolan, manager of operations in Schenectady, N.Y.,said: "We have found that using Digital Network Services in conjunctionwith Cisco network technology has allowed us to combine the talents of twocompanies, producing a reliable state-of-the-art network that is second tonone. We have been able to speed information on our products and servicesto our customers with unprecedented quality, giving us a competitiveadvantage."

A complex, large-scale network overhaul prompted a Canadianuniversity to turn to Digital Network Services. "When we decided toreplace our existing network, we needed a company that could recommend theappropriate systems and then purchase, test, install and support them in anATM-based network," said Brian Power, communications manager, MemorialUniversity in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. "Digital's NetworkServices is bringing together Cisco ATM switches and other technologieswith project management skills that will ensure the network installation isa success." The program to link 4,600 workstations in 28 buildings forintegrated voice, data and multimedia applications is scheduled to becompleted this spring.

An advanced network is already in place at the Universite deBordeaux in France where Bernard Lemaire, network director, said: "Threeyears ago, we decided to build a new, more powerful network. We requiredan integrated solution. Digital not only delivered the Cisco FDDI andInternet routers, but also planned and installed the entire fiber opticnetwork." Digital continues to provide maintenance to guarantee maximumuptime for 45,000 students at 12 locations.

Stephen Behm, vice president of Enterprise Channels for Cisco,said: "As networks become increasingly global and sophisticated, it iscritical to offer customers a single source for products, service andsupport. Digital is a key partner for us to exceed customer expectationsfor integrated solutions anywhere in the world."

Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the leadingglobal supplier ofinternetworking solutions forcorporate intranets and the global Internet.Cisco's products, including routers, LAN and ATM switches, dial-up accessservers and network management software, are integrated by the CiscoIOS(tm)software to link geographically dispersed LANs, WANs and IBM networks.Company news and product/service information are available at World WideWeb site Cisco is headquartered in San Jose, Calif.

Digital Equipment Corp. is the world's leader in open client/serversolutions from personal computing to integrated worldwide informationsystems. Digital's Intel and Alpha platforms, storage, networking,software and services, together with industry-focused solutions frombusiness partners, help organizations compete and win in today's globalmarketplace.

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