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Cisco and N.E.T. Sign Software Licensing and Worldwide Reseller Agreement

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - January 2, 1996 - N.E.T. and Cisco
Jan 02, 1996

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - January 2, 1996 - N.E.T. and Cisco Systems, announced two agreements, one to extend the N.E.T. license to thefull suite of Cisco InternetworkOperating System(Cisco IOS(tm)) softwareand a reseller agreement whereby N.E.T. will resell and support Cisco'sfull line of enterprise-level internetworking products.

Cisco and N.E.T. currently have a successful router software licenseagreement dating since 1989 focusing on delivering internetworkingexpertise to both companies' customers. The N.E.T.(tm) IDNX multiservicebandwidth manager, equipped with the N.E.T. LAN/WAN Exchange(tm) (LWX),module is the only wide-area multiservice platform on the market featuringa fully integrated router based on Cisco software. This high degree ofintegration gives IDNX customers internetworking connectivity to Ciscorouter networks for WAN applications.

"We are pleased to expand and strengthen the Cisco relationship with N.E.T.based on our experience with the company, its customers and products," saidJohn Chambers, president and CEO, Cisco Systems, Inc. "The multiserviceconcept complements the power of Cisco IOS software and delivers aconsiderable advantage to our mutual customers."

"Cisco's internetworking product suite is the clear leader, and virtuallyevery network we encounter has this internetworking requirement as one ofits highest priorities," said Joe Francesconi, president and CEO, N.E.T."We developed the Vista Architecture for the specific purpose of offeringour customers the best available solutions for wide area networking, andthe relationship with Cisco has been extremely beneficial."

The relationship between Cisco and N.E.T. now includes a reseller agreementwhereby N.E.T. will sell and distribute the entire family of Ciscointernetworking products offered to enterprise-level customers. N.E.T. willadd value by helping customers design and integrate Cisco internetworkingproducts directly into IDNX multiservice backbone networks and offercontract service direct from N.E.T. Under the umbrella of the N.E.T. VistaArchitecture, Cisco routers become part of N.E.T.'s preferred productportfolio for wide-area network managers concerned with using the bestproducts available for any type of mission-critical application.

The N.E.T. LWX module optimizes internetwork traffic for the WAN to giveN.E.T. IDNX customers the added benefit of intelligent bandwidth managementof router traffic for maximum trunk utilization. While being transportedover the WAN, the router traffic can be mixed with frame relay traffic,other types of cell or packetized traffic and conventional circuit-switchedtraffic such as voice and video traffic to help organizations save on longdistance charges. This attribute benefits enterprise customers and globalcarrier/network service provider customers alike.

As a result, Cisco networks concentrating large volumes of LAN-basedtraffic can interconnect with intelligent N.E.T. IDNX networks that carryWAN traffic on high-capacity T1/E1 or T3/E3 digital service links. Inparticular, LAN traffic can be carried on the same trunks as voice traffic,frame relay traffic and ISDN traffic for network optimization, efficiencyand cost savings.

A key element for customer's success is the depth of experience bothcompanies have with internetworking issues and track record for integratedrouting capabilities in a multiservice environment. This agreement isexpected to result in greater commonality, higher levels ofinteroperability and more rapid deployment of Cisco IOS software on LWXmodules taking advantage of the combined strengths of the N.E.T.multiservice capabilities and Cisco internetworking products.

The Cisco enterprise-level internetworking products include the Cisco 7000series of multiprotocol routers, which combine Cisco's proven softwaretechnology with exceptional reliability, availability, serviceability andperformance features to meet the requirements of today's mostmission-critical internetworks. It also includes Cisco's access productfamily, which offers an extensive selection of platforms and software setsfor regional offices, remote branch offices and individual users.

The N.E.T. IDNX family of multiservice bandwidth managers consists of fivemodels with sophisticated networking functions that combine efficientmultiplexing, intelligent call-routing, LAN internetworking and routing,frame relay switching, ISDN signaling and network management. The IDNXsystems are part of the N.E.T. Vista Architecture, a multiservicearchitecture for broadband and narrowband wide area networks.

Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) is the leading global supplier of enterpriseinternetworking solutions, including routers, LAN and ATM switches,dial-upaccess servers and network management software. These products, integratedby the Cisco IOS software, linkgeographically dispersed LANs, WANs and IBMnetworks. Cisco news and product/service information are available at WorldWide Web site Cisco is headquartered in San Jose,Calif.

N.E.T., headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., is a leading worldwidesupplier of multiservice backbone networks used by enterprises and globalcarriers in more than 50 countries. N.E.T. multiservice WANs integratevoice, data and video traffic with frame relay, LAN internetworking andISDN capabilities for today's mission-critical applications. The company iscertified to the worldwide ISO 9001 standard for design, manufacturing andservicing. Join us at our World Wide Web site: forfurther information.