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Cisco Mid-Range Router Family Gains New Interface Modules: ATM, High-Density Ethernet

ProductsCatalog: Cisco 4000 Series SAN JOSE, Calif., July
Jul 10, 1995

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 10, 1995 -- Cisco Systems today introduced two newinterface cards for its mid-range Cisco 4000 family of three-slot modularrouters. In addition to bringing ATM functionality to the family for thefirst time, the company has tripled the 4000 line's Ethernet connectiondensity with a new six-port Ethernet card.

The new ATM and six-port Ethernet modules operate with the Cisco 4500router. Cisco today also is introducing new ISDN PRI modules for the 4000and 4500 (see accompanying release).

Kevin Kennedy, Cisco director of marketing for remote access products,said, "The new interfaces make the Cisco 4500 a perfect solution forproviding LANs with low-cost ATM connectivity. A Cisco 4500 with sixEthernet ports and an ATM interface is priced as low as $23,200. And withthe Cisco Internetwork Operating System (Cisco IOS(tm)), users get thecomplete array of Cisco IOS protocols, rather than the typical IP-onlysupport of competitive products."

ATM OC-3 STS-3c/STM-1 Network Processor Module

Cisco's new ATM OC-3 STS-3c/STM-1 Network Processor Module for the Cisco4500 performs 155-Mbps single-mode and multimode data transmission andnative ATM cell processing. The card eliminates the need for an externalATM DSU. As part of the CiscoFusion architecture, and with the Cisco IOSfor ATM, the card supports RFC1483 Multiprotocol Encapsulation over ATM andclassical IP over ATM as defined in RFC 1577. Later this year, the modulewill support ATM Forum LAN Emulation (LANE). LANE, which allowshigher-layer protocols to operate unmodified over ATM, enables the creationof virtual LANs. The new ATM interface also supports point-to-multipointsignaling, which eliminates the need for multiple point-to-point circuitsin broadcast applications such as multimedia.

Six-Port Ethernet Network Processor Module

Cisco's six-port Ethernet Network Processor Module for the Cisco 4500provides six 10Base-T ports, tripling the density of the existing two-portcard. With three six-port modules installed, the router can connect up to18 Ethernet segments. Alternatively, two Ethernet modules and an ATM orFDDI interface provide economical access for 12 Ethernets to an ATM or FDDIbackbone. The use of Cisco's Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) with dual4500s lets users build highly robust, redundant networks for applicationsrequiring maximum availability.


The OC-3 ATM Network Processor Module is available immediately. Thesix-port Ethernet Network Processor Module will be available in August.

Additional modules currently available for the Cisco 4000 family supportEthernet, Token Ring, FDDI, serial, ISDN BRI and ISDN PRI interfaces.

With more than 80,000 units installed worldwide, the Cisco 4000 is the mostwidely sold modular router in the industry.

Cisco Systems,Inc. is the leading global supplier of enterprisenetworks,including routers, LAN and ATM switches, dial-up access servers and networkmanagement software. These products, integrated by the Cisco InternetworkOperating System (Cisco IOS(tm)) link geographically dispersed LANs,WANsand IBM networks. Cisco is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and in theU.S. is traded under the NASDAQ symbol CSCO.

Posted: Jul 10 09:48:16 1995