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Cisco Joins New Cable Forum Chartered to Deliver Advanced Services to Homes, Businesses

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 28, 1994 -- Cisco Systems has become
Oct 28, 1994

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 28, 1994 -- Cisco Systems has become a foundingmember of a forum that will utilize the cable television infrastructure todeliver advanced broadband cable network services to homes and businesses.

The Cable/Information Technology Convergence Forum is a neworganization of the cable television, telephone, computer and switchingnetwork industries. The Forum was created to promote greater communicationbetween vendors in the information technology industry, its members, cabletelevision companies and CableLabs, the research and development consortiumserving most of the cable operators in North America. The ConvergenceForum, based in Louisville, Colo., was conceived and sponsored by CableLabs.

Companies that have agreed to join the Forum include Apple Computer,Cisco Systems, Compaq, Digital Equipment Corp., Fore Systems, LANCity andSynOptics. "The time has come to incorporate the most advanced computertechnology available into the components of our cable networks," said Dr.Richard Green, president and CEO of CableLabs. "Computer suppliers need toknow much more about the functional requirements of cable architecture. Andwe need to know much more about their ideas and developments if we are toadvise our members on these new technologies. "As emerging hybrid digital/cable networks call for a number of newproducts, new relationships are needed to make their development possiblewith the help of companies involved in telecommunications, computing, datanetworking, telephone and interactive television."

The Forum will conduct a demonstration of advanced cable networkingtechnologies at CableNET '94: The Convergence Laboratory, to be held at theWestern Cable Show, Nov. 30-Dec. 2 in Anaheim, Calif. The show willdisplay the interoperability, delivery and operation of the most advancedservices, such as distance learning, local government, work-at-home, smallbusiness and interactive entertainment. Cisco will contribute bothinternetworking equipment and personnel to "Internet over Cable," a keyelement of the show. A Silicon Valley briefing on CableNET '94 is being held on Friday,Oct. 28 in Milpitas, Calif. This briefing will provide an overview ofapplications from the 45 companies participating in CableNET '94. Speakerswill include Dr. Richard Green, president and CEO, CableLabs; Ed Kozel,vice president of business development, Cisco Systems; Matt Dietheim, vicepresident and general manager, Cable Division, Intel; and Dale Bennet, vicepresident and state manager, Telecommunications (TCI).

"In the future, we see tremendous potential for cable servicesproviders and technologies to play a key role in delivering data andmultimedia networking services to the ultimate mass market for all internetworking vendors -- the home," said Cisco's Kozel. "This is particularlytrue in areas of the globe where high population density makes servicedelivery over cable an attractive option.

"Our industry, as it exists today, is largely the result of a varietyof technologies converging to offer customers a superior solution. Goingforward, the convergence, or confluence, of traditional data networkingtechnologies with cable architectures looks to be a winner as well. Thatis why we elected to be a founding member of the Cable/IT ConvergenceForum."

Forum membership is open to all. Involvement includes activities suchas designating a key contact for CableLabs to coordinate various activitiesin the cable marketplace which include speaking engagements, technicaldemonstrations, product information and attendance at a limited number ofmeetings. For more information on the Cable/IT Forum, call Don Frazier,CableLabs' Forum contact, at (303) 661-3805.

Cisco Systems,Inc., headquartered in San Jose, Calif., is the leading global supplier of internetworkingproducts, including routers, bridges,workgroup systems, ATM switches, dial-up access servers, software routersand router management software. These products are used to buildenterprise-wide internetworks linking an unlimited number of geographicallydispersed LANs, WANs and IBM SNA networks. Cisco's Internetwork Operating System (IOS) technology, found in more than 200,000 installed Ciscounitsand in the products of over 20 partners, is the de facto industry standardfor data transmission. In the U.S., Cisco is traded over the counter underthe NASDAQ symbol CSCO. A member of the S&P 500 and Fortune 500, Cisco infiscal 1994 logged sales of $1.2 billion.