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New Version of Cisco Online Support Service Offers Hypertext Access to Multimedia Information

CHICAGO, June 29, 1994 -- Cisco Systems has unveiled a new
Jun 29, 1994

CHICAGO, June 29, 1994 -- Cisco Systems has unveiled a new multimedia version of its online service, CiscoConnection Online (CCO), that takes advantage of standards-based hypertext to present technical support information using a combination of graphics, audio and video elements.

Like its character-based predecessor, the multimedia version of CCO lets Cisco customers and partners quickly access value-added services suchas technical support databases, known problem reports, software updates andconfiguration examples, and gain access electronically to Cisco Technical Assistance Centers. The general public also can use CCO to obtain product and general information.

Cisco will continue to support the original version of CCO, now calledCCO Classic, for users who prefer the efficiency and ubiquitous accessoptions of a character based service.

Brad Wright, Cisco's manager of Advanced Customer Systems, said, "Theoriginal version of CCO today handles more than 50 percent of Cisco'sworldwide service requests, equipping customers with timely, comprehensiveand accurate information and services so they can meet the dailychallenges of deploying and maintaining their networks. The new multimediaversion, a response to feedback from these customers, sets a new standardfor online support."

CCO operates in the Internet's World Wide Web (WWW) using industry- standard protocols. A WWW client application is required to access CCO, and a variety of public-domain and commercial clients are available.

The multimedia version of CCO is available immediately and can beaccessed via the Uniform Resource Locater (URL)

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