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Cisco Systems Announces New European Channel for Point and Click Internetworking Products

BERLIN, June 6, 1994 -- Cisco Systems has announced the
Jun 06, 1994

BERLIN, June 6, 1994 -- Cisco Systems has announced the appointment of10 new distributors across Europe to service the emerging market forrouters and other internetworking devices among small- and medium-sizedcompanies.

Cisco's new distribution channels are Frontline, Persona and Unipalm inthe UK; Omnilogic and Interquad in France; Ronin in the Netherlands; Algolin Italy; PC LAN in Sweden; NetCenter in Norway; and Computer 2000 inGermany.

According to Philippe Brawerman, vice president of European operationsat Cisco, the agreements -- which cover seven countries -- represent aturning point in the development of the internetworking market."Traditionally routers have been sold to large blue chip organizations witha high degree of in-house technical internetworking expertise," he said."Now, Cisco has produced a range of products and tools that make it easyeven for non-specialists to exploit the benefits of internetworking.

"This is an emerging internetworking market that will provide bothCisco and its partners with tremendous business opportunities as smallercompanies begin to use network services to communicate betweengeographically dispersed sites. We foresee these services being usedbetween vendors, customers and individual users, whether at home, in smalloffices or on the road."

To capitalize on the emerging high-volume European market forinternetworking technology among small- and medium-sized organizations,Cisco has developed Point and Click Internetworking™, a new line ofinternetworking products designed specifically to allow users in smallersites with minimal networking experience to design, install and configurenetworks.

"The new distributors will target this high-volume market," saidBrawerman. "There are millions of smaller organizations -- probably runningfrom two to ten LANs (local area networks) in total -- who want to exchangedata electronically with other offices, customers and suppliers and whoneed the functionality that only routers can provide. By interconnectingmultiple sites to allow transparent and free access to information, theseorganizations will benefit from significant productivity gains and theresulting competitive advantage."

"In each European market we have appointed distributors and dealersthat have successful track records of supplying networking solutions tosmall- and medium-sized organizations, as well as solid technical supportcapabilities."

Cisco Europe has made internal organizational adjustments to cater tothe needs of this new channel. It has built a new high-volume products teamthat has direct experience in the distribution market sector.

Cisco Europe has also streamlined its order processing for this channeland has implemented a new high-volume support team at its European TAC(Technical Assistance Center) in Brussels. In addition, Cisco offers two newinteractive local connectivity services: Cisco Connection Online (CCO),which streamlines support activities; and Magnum, which provides sales andmarketing information to Cisco partners.

Cisco Systems, Inc., is the leading worldwide supplier ofhigh-performance, multimedia and multiprotocol internetworking products,including routers, bridges, workgroup systems for 10-Mbps/100-Mbps datatransmission, ATM switches, communication servers, and router managementsoftware. Cisco technology is used to build enterprise-wide networkslinking an unlimited number of geographically dispersed LANs, WANs and IBMSNA networks. In the United States, Cisco is traded over the counter underthe NASDAQ symbol CSCO.

Posted: Jun 6 17:30:35 1994