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Cisco to Demonstrate Interactive Multimedia Applications Over ISDN

LAS VEGAS, Nev., May 2, 1994 -- Networld+Interop attendees
May 02, 1994

LAS VEGAS, Nev., May 2, 1994 -- Networld+Interop attendees willcommunicate with engineers at Cisco Systems' headquarters via a multimediaapplication over an ISDN Primary Rate link provided by AT&T.

The multimedia application uses a prototype of Cisco's IP multicasttechnology to create voice, video and whiteboard channels that allowsimultaneous multimedia communication among multiple sites. Theapplication runs on top of a technology demonstration involving two Cisco7000 routers equipped with ISDN PRI (Integrated Services DigitalNetworkPrimary Rate Interface) software and hardware. The routers use Cisco'sMultiChannelInterface Processor configured for use with ISDN PRI services.

"Multimedia will be the next area of strongest application demand onnetworks," said Paulina Knibbe, Cisco product manager. "Cisco will providemedia- and protocol-independent solutions as a foundation for futuremultimedia applications."

"AT&T is pleased to be working together with Cisco Systems todemonstrate this exciting new technology," said Victor Liss, productmanager for AT&T ISDN. "Multimedia is just one of a number of LAN and WANapplications that will deliver value to customers through use of Ciscoproducts in conjunction with the features of the AT&T ISDN network."

IP multicast, a media-independent feature, will be available in Ciscorouters before the end of the calendar year, as will ISDN PRI routing onthe Cisco 7000.

Cisco Systems, Inc., is the leading worldwide supplier of high-performance, multimedia and multiprotocol internetworking products,including routers, bridges, workgroup systems for 10-Mbps/100-Mbps datatransmission, ATM switches, communication servers, and router managementsoftware. Cisco technology is used to build enterprise-wide networkslinking an unlimited number of geographically dispersed LANs, WANs and IBMSNA networks. In the United States, Cisco is traded over the counter underthe NASDAQ symbol CSCO.

Note to editors: ISDN is a set of communication standardsused bytelephone companies to permit circuit-switched telephone networks to carrydata, voice, and video. In the United States and Japan, ISDN PRI supports23 "B" channels that can carry data at 64-kbps each. In Europe and therest of the world, ISDN PRI supports 30 "B" channels. In contrast, ISDNBRI supports only 2 "B" channels. ISDN PRI capability at a company'sheadquarters enables cost effective and efficient concentration of multipleremote ISDN BRI users.

Posted: May 3 11:11:11 1994