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Cisco 4000 Modular Router Gains Flexibility and Density With Token Ring, Serial, FDDI Cards and DC Power Supply

MENLO PARK, Calif., January 17, 1994 - Cisco Systems has
Jan 17, 1994

MENLO PARK, Calif., January 17, 1994 - Cisco Systems has enhanced itsCisco 4000 modular router with the introduction of new higher-density TokenRing and serial interfaces, a single-mode FDDI card and a DC power supply.The enhancements are especially beneficial to Cisco customers in threemarkets: IBM networks, distributed campus backbones and telephone serviceproviders.

The three-slot modular router was introduced in late1992 for regionaland larger branch office environments. Today it offers interface modulesthat better support Cisco's IBM network customers by handling twice thenumber of Token Ring and synchronous serial connections (with support forIBM SNA half-duplex mode) than the unit previously supported.

A new dual-port Token Ring module, an alternative to the Cisco 4000'searlier single-port card, provides connections for two IEEE 802.5 TokenRing LANs through standard nine-pin D connectors, with software-selectablering speed of 4 or 16 megabits per second. All Cisco multiprotocolrouting, source-route bridging/remote source-route bridging andtranslational bridging features are supported.

A new four-port serial interface module doubles the density of serialWAN connections accommodated by the Cisco 4000. The serial connectionssupport DTE and DCE modes, full- and half-duplex modes (a key requirementfor IBM networks), and RS232, V.35, X.21 and RS-449 media. Like otherCisco serial interfaces, the new module's software supports X.25, framerelay, SMDS, ISDN, HDLC and PPP wide-area connections.

In support of distributed campus backbone customers, Cisco has alsodeveloped an interface module that provides the Cisco 4000 with directconnectivity to FDDI backbones over single-mode fiber media. This moduleincreases FDDI network distance from 1.2 miles (using the 4000's earliermultimode FDDI module) to up to six miles, eliminating the need for aseparate multimode/single-mode converter costing thousands of dollars. Thenew module supports Cisco FDDI fault-tolerant and redundancy features suchas dual-attached station for continuous operation if a station or cableplant fails, and dual homing for redundancy and increased availability inconcentrator environments.

The Cisco 4000 is the first Cisco router chassis that can be orderedwith a DC power supply, for direct network connection in telephonecarriers' central office environments. This means the 4000 can be installedat a carrier's "point of presence" and connected to the DC power sourcethere for maximum power efficiency. Eliminating the need for a DC-ACconverter, this reduces installation time and cost.

Larry Kung, Cisco's product manager for access routers, said, "All ofthese Cisco 4000 enhancements help organizations consolidate access andreduce costs while retaining full router functionality.

"The new double-density Token Ring card lets a network managerconcentrate six local Token Rings on one Cisco 4000, or connect a smallernumber to multiple remote locations. The four-port serial card provides upto 12 serial connections per box, allowing increased regional WANconcentration, or SDLC concentration for integrating multiprotocol and SNAenvironments.

"Our single-mode FDDI module accommodates the increasingly dispersedcorporate campuses and metropolitan area networks [MANs]. And the new DCpower version of the Cisco 4000 chassis is targeted at telco carriercentral offices, where the primary -- or only -- power supply is DC."

Pricing and Availability

The Cisco 4000 dual-port Token Ring module, available this month, ispriced at $4,600 (the existing single-port version is $2,300). Thefour-port serial module, available in March, is priced at $4,600 (theexisting two-port version is $2,300).

The single-mode, dual-attached station (DAS) FDDI module, availablethis month, is priced at $9,000 (compared to $8,300 for the multi-modeversion). The DC power version of the Cisco 4000 chassis, available in thesecond quarter, is priced at $5,500 (the price of the 4000 chassis with ACpower supply remains $4,000). (Cisco continues to ship single- and dual-port Ethernet modules for theCisco 4000, priced at $1,800 and $3,600, respectively.

Posted: Jan 17 11:53:48 1994