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Unisys Signs Network Systems Integration Agreement With Cisco for Internetworking Products and Services

BLUE BELL, PA., November 29, 1993 -- Unisys Corporation and
Nov 29, 1993

BLUE BELL, PA., November 29, 1993 -- Unisys Corporation and CiscoSystems, Inc., today announced a strategic network systems integrationagreement under which Unisys will resell, install and support Cisco's fullline of internetworking products in the United States. In addition, the twocompanies will coordinate sales efforts when customers require totalnetwork systems integration solutions.

Under the agreement, Unisys Network Enable, the company's U.S.multivendor network systems integration unit, will market Cisco's high-endand remote-access routers, which interconnect networks and direct the flowof information. As many as 100 Unisys Network Enable engineers will betrained to install and support Cisco's products, including the high-endCisco 7000 router and the remote-access Cisco 4000, Cisco 3000, and Cisco2000 routers.

Cisco, the recognized leader in internetworking technology, holds morethan 50 percent of the worldwide router marketplace. Unisys Network Enableis one of the top providers of open, multivendor network systemsintegration services in the U.S. This agreement ensures the availability ofCisco technology and internetworking solutions to Unisys clients andprovides Cisco's clients with access to Unisys broad suite of networkingservices and products.

"The new strategic relationship with Unisys represents anothermilestone for Cisco in our strategy to partner with industry, technology,and market leaders worldwide," said John Chambers, senior vice president ofCisco. "We have already teamed with Unisys on a number of accounts toprovide total networking solutions for our clients. This kind of teamworkis an important component for success in the internetworking marketplace,where no single vendor has the breadth of product and service offeringsand expertise to meet all of a client's needs."

"Cisco applies outstanding products and people to complex networksolutions. Both Unisys and our clients will benefit greatly from thisagreement," stated John Drew, vice president and general manager of UnisysNetwork Enable.

"This agreement leverages our internetworking services infrastructureand further strengthens Unisys position as the leading network systemsintegrator in the open-systems internetworking market."

Network Enable is Unisys U.S. multivendor network systems integrationorganization. The group offers a wide range of services and multivendorproducts related to the planning, design, implementation, maintenance andsupport of open network solutions. Network Enable offers a nationwidetechnical staff of 50 Network Systems Engineers and 165 Certified NetwareEngineers. Providing best-of-class products and hardware-independentsolutions, Network Enable maintains alliances and reseller agreements withmore than 125 leading vendors of network products and services.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Unisys Corporation is a leading information technology and servicescompany with 60,000 clients in more than 100 countries. The company is amajor supplier of commercial information systems, defense systems andrelated services. Unisys information services strengths compriseoutsourcing, information planning, process redesign, information systemsdesign and integration. These services are integral to the Unisys missionto build partnerships with clients, helping them creatively applytechnology to improve their competitive position.