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Cisco to Resell ATM Switching Technology from AT&T/NCR

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 21, 1993 -- Cisco Systems, Inc.,
Oct 21, 1993

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 21, 1993 -- Cisco Systems, Inc., todayannounced its intention to resell UniverCell(tm) ATM switching technologyfrom AT&T.

"As our customers plan their future internetworking requirements, itmakes sense for Cisco to be able to provide all major components," saidJohn Chambers, Cisco's senior vice president. "ATM switching will beanother key component of the router-cluster architecture, along with thenative ATM interface that we demonstrated at Interop '93 Fall."

Cisco will begin offering ATM switching in mid 1994, in conjunctionwith the ATM Interface Processor for the Cisco 7000. Cisco will offer ATMswitching as part of a complete router cluster solution for the campus orbuilding core network.

"AT&T, the leader in switching technology, and Cisco, the leader inrouter technology, are well positioned to provide customers withcomprehensive migration strategies tuned to solving today's networkingproblems," said Lynda Zakrzewski, assistant vice president, NCR NetworkingHardware Business Unit.

The ATM 4x4 switch will be used by Cisco to consolidate traffic fromrouters to create collapsed ATM backbone networks. The total switchaggregate throughput will be 800 Mbps with individual port speeds of 100Mbps. The switch will be capable of being managed via SNMP. The initialrelease will feature permanent virtual circuits with switched virtualcircuits supported in the future.

AT&T and Cisco have a history of ATM cooperation. Earlier this yearAT&T and Cisco, along with StrataCom, announced the availability of astandards-based joint ATM implementation specification for the interworkingof ATM and Frame Relay services. In the future, AT&T/NCR and Cisco willpursue the possibility of integrating each other's technology into theirrespective products.

NCR, an AT&T company, develops, manufactures, markets, supports andservices enterprise-wide information systems for worldwide markets.AT&T/NCR has been a reseller of Cisco multiprotocol routers since February1990. NCR has provided third-party hardware service and support for Ciscoproducts on a global basis since July 1992. NCR is a registered trademarkand UniverCell is a trademark of NCR Corp.