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Cisco Configuration Builder Lets Users Configure the Network -- Not Just the Router

PARIS, France, Oct. 25, 1993 -- Cisco Systems today
Oct 25, 1993

PARIS, France, Oct. 25, 1993 -- Cisco Systems today introduced asoftware application that creates Cisco router configurations that aresynchronized throughout the network and simplifies initial configurationof Cisco Systems routers. The application, called Cisco ConfigurationBuilder, will be available on Windows-based PCs in the first quarter of1994.

Later in 1994, Cisco will add Configuration Builder functionality toits CiscoWorks series of router management applications running on SunNetManager, HP OpenView and NetView 6000.

"More than just a graphical user interface, Cisco Configuration Builderincludes innovative features that parallel how users view networkconfiguration. Users design and configure networks, not just individualrouters," said Heidi Iacurto, Cisco product marketing manager.

Cisco Configuration Builder includes tools for viewing, checking andchanging interrelated configuration parameters. Multiple routers can beconfigured simultaneously from the same screen when configuration commandsmust be synchronized with other routers.

User-created "Snap-ins," or predefined configuration building blocks,reduce configuration time and errors. For example, if a security filter orpriority queuing list is common to multiple routers, the user need notgenerate it anew for each configuration.

As duplicate addresses are a major source of network problems, theConfiguration Builder's duplicate address checking program verifies thataddresses and/or network numbers are unique for each router configuration.

Each configuration window provides context-sensitive help. For example,in a single keystroke, a Novell user can instantly view an explanation ofNovell SAP filters and available services. A Help index provides keywordsearch capability.

Available in the first quarter of 1994, Cisco Configuration Builder ispriced at $495 (U.S. list); Microsoft Windows 3.1 is required.