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AT&T, Cisco and StrataCom Offer Interface Specification to ATM Marketplace

Basking Ridge, NJ -- May 19, 1993 -- AT&T, Cisco Systems and
May 19, 1993

Basking Ridge, NJ -- May 19, 1993 -- AT&T, Cisco Systems and StrataCom have today announced the availability of a standards-based joint implementation specification for ATM-to-frame relayinterworking. This implementation conforms to ATM standards andprovides additional specificity. The three companies invite otherframe relay and ATM vendors to participate in this openspecification. To that end, the implementation document will besubmitted to the ATM Forum this week.

The ATM-to-frame-relay interworking document is the firstfruit of a shared vision for ATM development and implementationannounced by the three companies in January.

The specification details how AT&T, Cisco and StrataCom planto implement connectivity among frame relay devices, native ATMdevices and wide area frame relay and ATM networks. The threecompanies recognize ATM-to-frame-relay interworking as a keycomponent in the development path to ATM to protect customerinvestment and provide seamless interworking between frame relayand ATM end points. AT&T, Cisco and StrataCom welcomecooperative implementation of the joint specification by other ATMand frame relay vendors.

Copies of the ATM-to-frame-relay specification are available free of charge from each company.