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Cisco, Cascade Work to Improve Integrated LAN/WAN Network Management Systems

MENLO PARK, Calif., April 5,1993 - Cisco Systems announced
Apr 05, 1993

MENLO PARK, Calif., April 5,1993 - Cisco Systems announced today that Cisco and Cascade Communications have successfullytested integrated network management capabilities from a singlenetwork management software platform, SunNet Manager. Thesuccess of this interoperability testing means that Cisco andCascade users can now manage a Cisco multiprotocol bridge/routernetwork in conjunction with a Cascade Frame Relay wide areanetwork from a single integrated network management system usingSNMP.

The integrated LAN/WAN management, based on SunNet Manager,has both the Cascade and Cisco MIBs compiled, and can query boththe Cascade and Cisco router databases.

"Cascade designed many of the capabilities in the STDXFrame Relay Switch to enhance the performance of largeinternetworks," said Desh Deshpande, executive vice president ofmarketing and customer service for Cascade Communications."This is why we've incorporated internetworking technologiessuch as SNMP, OSPF, PPP and the RFC 1294 into the Cascade framerelay solution. Therefore, it is a natural to integrate bothrouter and frame relay management on a single platform."

"Cisco has always been focused on providing the bestsolutions to our customers so they can build successful datainternets." said Ed Kozel, vice president of businessdevelopment for Cisco. "We see the implementation of thiscapability by Cascade to be an attractive option to our mutualcustomers."

Cascade Communications Corp., located in Westford,Massachusetts, brings an optimal solution to today's LAN/WANinterconnect needs with broadband packet networkingtechnologies. Founded in 1990, by an experienced team of datacommunications professionals, the company is backed by leadingventure capital firms, including ABS Ventures, AdventInternational, Bessemer Ventures, Charles River Partnership,Matrix Partners and Sigma Partners.

Cisco Systems Inc., is the leading global supplier of highperformance, multimedia and multiprotocol internetworkingproducts, including routers, bridges, communication servers androuter management software. Cisco technology can be used tobuild enterprise-wide networks linking an unlimited number ofgeographically dispersed LANs, WANs and IBM SNA networks. Ciscois traded publicly over-the-counter under the NASDAQ symbolCSCO.

Posted: Apr 1 18:13:52 1993