Gordon Thomson

Gordon Thomson

Gordon Thomson leads the EMEAR Architecture and Sales Specialists organisation. His greatest passion is engaging closely with customers, partners and sales teams, and demonstrating how technology can navigate all of the new challenges and opportunities ahead.

Previously, Gordon was the global sales leader for Intent-Based Networking where his team drove the sales motions for transforming the customer experience through Cisco’s core portfolio, which represents 40 percent of Cisco’s total product revenue. In this role, Gordon and his global team worked closely with customers and partners, leading them through major market transitions to ensure their businesses thrive and grow.

A 23-year Cisco veteran, he develops and implements innovative go-to-market models that accelerate the shift to software selling and digital transformation, while building strong teams and followership. By combining his technological expertise and customer-first mindset, Thomson has achieved unrivaled success in designing sales strategies for the new software and cloud-centered markets.

Thomson’s legacy will be his belief in the power of people and teams to achieve powerful results through go-to-market innovation and high-trust relationships with customers.

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