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GenerationNow@Cisco: An Engineer's Take on What Cisco Makes Possible

On her "Ciscoversary", Greengineer Shraddha Chaplot reflects on her five years at Cisco, and talks about her roles and experiences at a company that empowers employees and inspires innovation.

Turning five years old is legendary. You're walking and talking and smiling and exploring. You've got an imagination that laughs at the thought of rules and boundaries. And look at that face. Five-year-olds have the cutest faces.

Lucky for me, I just turned five again – and this time, it's in Cisco years. My name is Shraddha Chaplot and I am a hardware test engineer in Cisco's Energy Efficiency team, but I always introduce myself as a "Greengineer." In my eyes, a Greengineer is someone who embodies both the technical and creative aspects of energy efficiency and green engineering, (+, it's a great conversation starter).

I work with a small team of highly experienced engineers in the Quality/Compliance group to ensure that Cisco products meet global energy efficiency standards and regulations, whether it's discussing the technical requirements or testing the actual product. I also lead our Energy Star test lab where I partner with the business units (groups responsible for specific products) to ensure we have the lab ready to go so we can get their products tested and qualified. Being involved in this field is always a learning experience and it's amazing to be around engineers and technical leads who are working on standards that get implemented worldwide. Imagine watching a movie, seeing the credits roll by, and being able to point and say, "Hey, I know that person. And that person! And I worked with those two, too!" Well, it's just like that, but you know what? It's even cooler.

The Shraddha-Cisco relationship began with my summer internship in 2007. After that, I got my degree in Electrical Engineering and returned to Cisco full time on March 31, 2008 (hence, the five year celebration). I joined Cisco's Accessibility team and did hardware testing and troubleshooting, along with various other projects and outreach activities.

Each one of us at Cisco works on products and solutions that truly revolutionize the way people connect with each other – whether it's the environment, healthcare, sports, or education. The possibilities and opportunities are countless; the potential of making an impact is endless.

And that's the mentality that led me to this new idea, sharing what it's like to work at Cisco from an engineer's perspective. I want to initially start off by sharing the things I do and how Cisco has supported (or as I say, ENABLED) the ideas I've come up with, whether they're big or small. It's the idea of people realizing your potential and seeing what you do, and saying go run with it (which is exactly how this series has come about). But soon, I will showcase many other people we have at this company, doing important and amazing work.

I'll also share with you Cisco's start-up mentality, and my favorite Techlebrities and Ciscolebrities. If you have any suggestions or are curious about something, feel free to let me know in the comments! CEO Chambers (he tells us to call him John, but I prefer this ;P) always talks about being transparent, and this is what I hope I do with this series.

Looking back at that picture when I was five made me realize I still hold the same visions. I celebrate each week, so it's no surprise that this Ciscoversary falls on my 262nd week – it's like I've run ten marathons. I have embraced each run as it's tested my will, my endurance, my drive, and made me believe in myself and stay authentic to who I am – creative, curious, quirky. And guess what, I'm ready for my eleventh. I strongly believe in Cisco's potential to impact this world (and beyond) and I know Cisco believes in mine. 

Happy five year Ciscoversary to me and happy five year Shraddhaversary to Cisco. What can I say, we've got packets of love we send bidirectionally! #ShraddhaENABLED #CiscoENABLED


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