Feature Story

The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: Feb 11-15

Check out this week's top stories and see what we have planned for next week.

1). Security Threats by the Numbers - Highlights from the Cisco 2013 Annual Security Report. Check out this surprising look at where the most malware threats are lurking.


2). Security Concerns: Beware of the Dark Side of Computer Code

Many of today's connected kids now have the chance to tinker with code—which is why guidance counts.

3). Mobile Apps Cater to Our Connected World

A fresh crop of apps offer a glimpse into mobile trends, and how developers are building to suit our new lifestyles.

Next week, it's all about cars of the future!

  • We'll visit the Smart Connected Vehicles team at Cisco and see how they are literally driving one of Cisco's newest businesses.

  • Steve Wildstrom also looks at what features auto makers are looking to put in the cars of the future.

We're looking forward to sharing more great content with you next week. Have a great weekend!