Feature Video

Cisco Innovators: Janey Hoe

by Kirsten Chiala

Step into the world of Cisco Investments, and see how one VP innovates in this active, top corporate venture.

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 Video Transcript

Cisco investments is a top corporate venture, we are very very active. We probably invest anywhere between 30 to 40 new companies every year. My name is Janey Hoe, I am a vice president with Cisco investments and corporate development. We work on all the investments, acquisitions, joint ventures and sometimes on some of the partnership discussions for the company. We also put a lot of effort into working with startups to help them with go to market, help them with accessing customers and partners, really treating their products like they are Cisco's products. Many other things that we work on or look at right now will be key in the future for digital transformation, things like IoT, artificial intelligence, data and analytics, and security. I'm very passionate about diversity, and I really try to use my knowledge and my abilities to help implement some of those topics. I get involved with our Asian and Chinese customers groups really trying to help them navigate Cisco.It's interesting that even across some of the language barriers we can always have a very lively conversation. It helps that I speak mandarin a little bit. We have a very incredible team that's very diverse. Our strength and our passions are very diverse so I get a ton of energy and inspiration just from the team members. Innovation to me means embracing the possibilities even when it's a little bit scary, even when you think it might not work. It's embracing that regardless, actually, embracing that continuously.