Feature Video

Cisco Innovators: Cisco's Emerge team & the future of work

by Kirsten Chiala

Step inside the world of Cisco's Emerge team, and get a glimpse of forward thinking in action.

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 Video Transcript

We are a forward thinking innovation group inside of the collaboration organization tasked with accelerating the future of work. I am Andy Payne. I lead Cisco Emerge. What we do is we really try to see where the trajectory of things are going, and what is coming in the future. Right now, we are exploring some really interesting technology areas. One is augmented reality and virtual reality. Another is AI and machine learning. And then the third is our apps team. The reason why we are looking into AR and VR right now in Emerge and for Collaboration in general is because it has such a hug potential to solve a lot of the issues that we see with remote collaboration. You can create environments and we can create experiences that would not be possible.So currently we are working on something that we call the Spark VR. And that is the VR, the virtual reality component of the existing Cisco Spark Platform. You can interact with other people through Avatars. The most exciting project that we have right now is something called Team TV and it's an experiment to test and enhance how distributed teams work together. How can we take video streams and audio streams across a web interface bring those together so people can in the same team all around the country or all around the world, can easily jump on and chat with their colleagues. We are all over the country and all over the world. So we are our own best testers in some ways. One of the things that excites me about the use of AI in collaboration is the idea that we can get to actually collaborate with AI. AI can begin to contribute in the middle of a meeting interjecting with images or statistics about things we are talking about. AI using its knowledge base could find someone in the company that would fit that need and immediately bring them into the meeting. Our mandate is to explore and to play. We want to see teams in the future working in new ways that they do not work together today.

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