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Networking Academy in France sees great success

by Liza Meak

Cisco partnered with France's Ministry of Education to give students unprecedented access to Networking Academy curriculum.

France is on the forefront of a digital revolution and Cisco's Networking Academy puts the country and students on a path to transformation.

"One of the first things we did was actually sign an agreement with the Ministry of Education and so the feedback has been excellent," said Alain Fiocco, Cisco Senior Director in Engineering.

That agreement led to thousands of students getting access to Networking Academy instruction and content, including Abderrahmane Beloudi.  

A Life Changed 

Before Beloudi went back to school and started taking Networking Academy classes, he fell on hard times. While he was looking for a new start, he learned about a trade school that partnered with Networking Academy. "It helped me learn more about computers, security and hardware and software," Beloudi said.

He learned the basics of IT and loved it so much, he continued with his education. When he finishes his classes, he will have a job in fiber optics waiting for him. "I wake up and I say to myself, I am going to work. It is for my wife and daughter," Beloudi said.

Women in cybersecurity

For Teboral Loganathan, who is getting a master's degree in cybersecurity, she wants to show other woman a career in technology is within their reach. "It's definitely an honor to be a girl in computers and especially in cybersecurity," Loganathan said.  "I hope I can be a role model for other girls."

Important lessons for teachers

University instructors see the importance and usefulness of Networking Academy curriculum in their classrooms, especially in France. At the ESGI Engineering school, teachers have been working with Cisco and the Networking Academy platform for fifteen years. "It's a good long term partnership," said Erwan Guillemot, an engineering instructor. "It's a good opportunity to give this to our students and they can progress in networking."

The partnership between Cisco and France's Ministry of Education shows how education and technology will transform a country's digital future.


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