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Cisco Innovators: Jyoti Sarin

by Kirsten Chiala

This IT leader, connector and speaker creates opportunities for hacking, brainstorming and dreaming up new ideas using tech.

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 Video Transcript

I started HackIT four years ago. It's a full 24 hour hack-a-thon. First 50 people got in the room. I organized how they would go and solve the problems, and from there, we've grown into over 700 people participating across the globe. My name is Jyoti Sarin, and I run innovation programs for Cisco. There's no typical day, actually, at Cisco for me. And that's actually the fun of being here.

For example, today we're going to be spending time with middle schoolers, helping them through the STEM event. We want to give them an opportunity to be exposed to what technology can really do for them.

Later on, we're actually going to a Innovate Everywhere Challenge workshop where we're working with Cisco employees helping them make their ideas better or further. My role in Innovate Everywhere Challenge is to actually help enable the challenge through the technology platform.

We're created the innovation hub. It's a one stop shop for anybody to come in and find resources, submit ideas, you know, create a peer community of supporters to help them move the idea forward. I have an opportunity to go in and speak on behalf of Cisco sometimes. Mostly I speak on innovation, entrepreneurship, how to promote a culture of innovation within a large organization. My team is one of the reasons why I wake up and come to work with Cisco. They get excited by challenges.

Our culture is promoting every employee to take risks and redefine who they are. Every day at Cisco is an opportunity to make a difference.