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Meet the Millennials: Isabela Guimaraes

by Stephanie Chan

Isabela Guimaraes is an intern with Cisco's Innovation Group in San Jose, California. See why she loves the creativity and diversity of the company.

 Video Transcript

I am from a city in Brazil called Belo Horizonte. It's in the southeast of the country, and it's surrounded by mountains.

My name is Isabela Guimarães and I am a social media communications intern for the Corporate Strategic Innovation Group.

In Brazil, we hug and then we give... It can be one to three kisses.

It's definitely a big difference, because here it's just a shaking hand thing.

I'm working with amplification for the innovation blog, and I basically help to promote the content, partnering with different teams at Cisco internally to share it externally.

Diversity in Cisco is like multiplied since we work with global teams, but also the culture of the company is really diverse.

I think Cisco is a great place for interns because they provide everything that you might need. I have really good guidance from my manager and from my teammates. But I also think it's great for interns because of the culture of the company.

For interns, that's really important because we're growing our career. That's important to have help from other people, to have mentorship, to have guidance.

My manager, her name is Lindy Bartell. She is just amazing, and when she figured I was going to be in San Jose for the holidays she said, okay, why don't you just come to Portland and meet my family and we can spend thanksgiving together.

She was already registered for the Macy's parade in Portland, and when she invited me over, she said, okay, I'm gonna have to sign you up too because we're already doing this. So I was dressed like an ice cream cone.

I had a cherry on top.

Working for Cisco in the U.S. is not like working for another company because you're related to people from different cultures, different backgrounds, different accents, different everything, so I think I've grown as a person to be more, even more open-minded.

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