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Leadership@Cisco: Kevin Bandy

by Kirsten Chiala

SVP & Chief Digital Officer Kevin Bandy takes us on a journey to the Santa Cruz Mountains, and shares what he loves most about working at Cisco.

Kevin Bandy's executive bio

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 Video Transcript

I don't sleep a lot and my mind doesn't turn off very much either. And that means I don't have a lot of time to myself and so what I actually do is, I'm fortunate enough to live in an area where I can get the Santa Cruz mountains of California and exercise. I have absolute quiet time. It helps me think and focus.

My name's Kevin Bandy. I'm the Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer for Cisco.

What I'm most proud of as a leader is quite honestly, I get to work with everybody to make Cisco a very different place.

From a digital perspective, the opportunity for Cisco is greater than even the age of the internet because digitization is going to fundamentally re-engineer every one of our customers regardless of size.

The whole medium by which we're engaging people is radically changing. The underpinning of any transformation in this digital age is Cisco. It is the network. That whole experience of talking with Jeremiah on Facebook Live, that's Cisco's network that is driving that out in and across the globe for thousands of people to see in a very quick capacity. I'm passionate about giving everybody an active voice and how we're going to transform Cisco. Not only to make Cisco a better place, but from a competitive position.

Personally, I'm very passionate about my children. I have four boys that are just fantastic. My passion is for them. I was raised by two parents that did not believe in anything other than just putting your best effort forward. It was okay if you lost, but you better not put a partial effort forward.

Philanthropy is a reality of the core personality within Cisco and that starts with the leadership all the way down. I think even our brand around there's never been a better time applies to look around you and figure out where you can make a difference.