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Take an eye-opening tour of Cisco's Innovation Center to see how it's turning big ideas from startups into reality.

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Transcript for Inside Innovation: IDEALondon

Tom Kneen/Head of British Innovation Gateway "London is a great opportunity for innovators. Cisco decided that we wanted to build an innovation center to really push the job creation agenda. It enables us to accelerate the the digital economy in the UK and the growth of startups."

Katherine Hannah/Innovation Lead IDEALondon "IDEALondon was established in 2013. The focus of IDEALondon has been startups working in the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, healthcare and retail. The companies that we are working with need somewhere to grow their business. We offer Cisco mentors, a very collaborative working space, and a partnership with the British government and UCL."

Alastair Moore/Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship UCL Engineering "The relationship with Cisco goes back 30 years. UCL brings a continuous supply of human capital in terms of students and ideas. Hoxton Analytics is an example of a company that originated from a founder that came off the technology entrepreneurship program."

Owen McCormack/CEO and Co-Founder Hoxton Analytics "We were studying how facial recognition can provide information for retailers and I thought, well, facial recognition's quite invasive, can we put the cameras right down at floor level and just gather information based on the footsteps and the shoes that customers wear. We'll use a Cisco camera, and we'll put it on the wall and we'll run our software and our algorithms on a Cisco server in global retailers shopping centers, transport hubs and airports. The people counts that we provide to the retailer is an absolutely key statistic in understanding how well they're performing and how they should improve the business."

Alastair Moore/Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship UCL Engineering "We've got lots of different companies here and Mishipay came out of a student from mechanical engineering."

Katherine Hannah/Innovation Lead IDEALondon "We've all been in a store when you are queuing for 15, 20 minutes and you're losing the will to live. Now, Mishipay has an in-store payment app where you can actually pick up an item from the shelf, scan it, disable the RFID tag and leave. IDEALondon is critical in enabling these new solutions to get to market."

Tom Kneen/Head of British Innovation Gateway "Cisco has also extended it's global partnership with Startupbootcamp around a range of different types of solutions."

Katherine Hannah/Innovation Lead IDEALondon "There are nine companies working in using IoT. One of those is called CityCrop and what they do is create the optimum condition-so irrigation, heat, humidity-to grow your own plants in time for supper."

Alastair Moore/Head of Innovation and https://newsroom.cisco.com/innovation-centers Entrepreneurship UCL Engineering "The goal of Cisco and the goal of UCL is to get the innovations and the companies out from IDEALondon and in to the world being used by real people all over the planet."

Katherine Hannah/Innovation Lead IDEALondon "There's never been a better time to be a startup. Every organization does need to be thinking about how they're digitizing their business using IoT."

Tom Kneen/Head of British Innovation Gateway "What we're trying to do is to just improve the life of citizens to be as pleasant and efficient as possible."

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