Feature Video

Cisco Innovators: Craig Williams

by Kirsten Chiala

As the senior technical leader for Cisco's Talos group, Craig stays one step ahead of the hackers.

 Video Transcript

My name is Craig Williams. I run one of the research teams in the Talos Group. At a really high level; I help protect our customers.

One of the things we do most at Talos is think about what new things are happening on the internet; how they might be manipulated by bad guys, and basically what we can do to prevent that from happening.

I love where I work because I really work with the best people in the industry. There is not a company out there that has a security research team on par with Talos. You combine that with the fact that we have better visibility and deeper insight and to basically every threat on the internet; and it's a really, really compelling job.

Every single day we try to push the envelope. We work with law enforcement organizations all around the world. We work with our competitors, we work with people who run internet providers. We work with large hosting companies. We'll do anything it takes if it helps to stop the bad guys from affecting our customers.

It's very important to us that as we do these things, as we end up working all night to stop and block these threats that we have fun when we do it. At least once a year we all sit down in a room, and we think about how are we catching bad guys today? What's not working? What can we improve on? We not only identify new ways to protect our customers, but we also find ways to help everyone focus on improving the process.

I feel like Talos is really benefiting everyone by publishing all of our threat research for free. That way anyone affected anywhere Cisco customer or not can use that data to defend against our adversaries.

When you combine the best people with the best data, you really get just an unparalleled threat visibility. And that's the benefit that we give our customers.