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Leadership@Cisco: Wendy Bahr

by Kirsten Chiala

SVP of Cisco’s Global Partner Organization Wendy Bahr shares the biggest turning point in her life, and talks about what motivates her.

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 Video Transcript

I'm a big, big fan of autobiographies, movies based on real stories and triumph and just perseverance. So whenever I'm feeling in the need for a little bit of inspiration or motivation, I either pick up a book or watch a movie, and I feel just uplifted, and it makes me excited to go out and conquer my next big challenge.

One of the things I'm proudest about, being a leader, is developing people and talent whether they're in my organization, inside our company, or perhaps even a relationship that I have with an individual in the partner community or a customer. I've certainly benefitted by having people mentor me and develop me in my career, and so, for me, that's my proudest moment as a leader is when I can give back.

A big turning point in my life came a little bit unexpectedly. I actually met my husband when we were seniors in high school, and I would never ever have imagined that I would get married at a young age, but as I said to my kids as they got older, when you know, you know. So my husband and I have been married almost 34 years now. I would not be where I am today if I didn't have his support.

What keeps me up at night is whether or not we're moving fast enough. I will wake up occasionally at two o'clock in the morning, and thoughts are racing through my head, and I think, can we go faster, and can we do it with quality and with the commitment that we have for our customers and our partners? And I know we can. So, occasionally, I'll just jot a note down, whatever I'm thinking, so that way I can fall back asleep and not be afraid I won't remember it in the morning.

As I think about connections and digitization, it's just a continuation of that philosophy. The ability for anyone in the world to be able to contribute because they're connected because we've digitized information to give them a broader view than what they may have from wherever they're located around the world, and I think that that is what's truly going to continue to change our lives.

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