Feature Video

Capturing innovation anywhere it lives

by Kirsten Chiala

Cisco’s Chief Strategy Officer Hilton Romanski talks about how Cisco consistently reinvents itself through its innovation strategy.

Cisco's Innovation Engine
 Capturing Innovation Anywhere: Video Transcript

There’s no monopoly on innovation. Innovation can happen inside of a business unit here at Cisco. It can happen in a startup sitting in Mountain View. It can happen halfway around the world. What we’re really trying to set up as a company is to be able to engage with that innovation no matter where it is. Innovation as part of Cisco’s DNA really means our ability to just consistently reinvent ourselves through build, buy, partner, invest, and co develop. Co-development really is a way for us to engage with partners and customers to actually build things that are going to be great, not just for them, but also for the broader marketplace. So, if you think about what we’re doing now with Apple, what we’re doing with Ericsson, these are all examples of working with partners and sometimes customers to be able to build out new solutions that otherwise would not exist in the market; whether we built them ourselves or third parties did them. So, I think it really is a way for us to differentiate and to move much faster than our competition. The work that we do in the Innovation Centers really highlights how important it is to be able to engage openly with customers, with partners, and with startups. The Innovation Centers are really a new innovative way for us to augment the already world class innovation that we have. Our relationships with country leaders like those in France and the UK where we’ve had a lot of engagement to be able to go and turn technology into reality and really think about country transformation and digitization in a totally different way and tried to use that as a model to speed innovation more globally. The world is changing more quickly than it ever has before. And this team has a large part to play in being able to see out over the horizon.

Graphic: thenetwork.cisco.com