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The program changing the game in math education

by Kirsten Chiala

ST Math, or spatial-temporal math, teaches kids how to approach mathematics through visuals alone. See the dramatic results this program is driving.

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 Video Transcript

My favorite thing about ST Math is I love math. That’s my favorite. And when I grow up I want to be a mathematic girl. It’s like a video game and you’re learning at the same time.

ST Math is a K through 12 software program that teaches math without words. Students work through these puzzles, but what they’re really doing is they’re developing their problem solving skills.

ST Math consistently helps students in classrooms double and triple their growth in math proficiency.

ST Math stands for spatial temporal. We get kids that are brand new to English and every child with ST Math is on the same footing because everything is pictoral.

We’ve had kids on JiJi for over two years now and they never lose interest in getting JiJi from point A to point B, and I’ve never seen that in a piece of software before.

With the support of Cisco, ST Math was able to grow from reaching 55,000 students in 2007 to over 800,000 students by 2015 by moving onto a web-based platform.

Cisco supports ST Math because they’re interested in developing a diverse and robust workforce.

Cisco and other Fortune 500 companies recognize that the beginning of a strong math education begins with the foundations that’s laid in the K through five classrooms.

It’s important to learn math because when you grow up math’s going to be all around you

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